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The team at Google introduced the Google I/O with all kinds of improvements to tools that were available before as well as to platforms and even many new revolutionaries that will aid in development acceleration, will help in engaging users, and even reach new users, while having the ability to create mobile products more effectively. Any Mobile App Development Company will enjoy all the exciting features.

One of the major problems that users could not interact well as there not many apps without the need to install each one of their mobile devices. With the instant apps, it removes the installation and users will be able to actually stream parts of the apps without any type of installation. This makes it easier for developers to upgrade their app so when their users click the external link they will access the correct module instead of being sent off to some download page.


This means that sharing with family and friends will be simple. Users can easily share links that will take them to the content without the need to download or install the page. The code will be needed from a certain part of the app will be grabbed.

This new feature is certainly going to get more users as instead of sending new users to a listing of the app, users will easily be able to send them to the specific part that is in their own app so they get an idea of the functions of the app and what the app offers. Instant App even includes at the top of the app an install link, which gives users the ability to install anything they see they like to install it at once.

Developers of apps will love the opportunity to use Instant Apps to help aid in marketing their own app to users by sending ads to high value features for immediate use. This function works from search engine result pages which will also aid in increasing the discovering of the app while users are browsing the web on their mobile device.

Developers will have to make a new app to use this feature as it uses the project, API’s, and source code so all that needs to be done is to update the app you created.

Firebase is part of Google I/O 2016 and offers a toolset that centralized which gives everyone the opportunity to have access to Remote Config without costs and allows free unlimited analytics platform, unlimited push notifications, user authentication, and dynamic linking.

The feature will allow developers the chance to enhance or make changes through a server side configuration. This means that you can make changes without the need to publish a new app update.

In the majority of cases, push notifications do not cost developers up to a specific number but with Firebase the feature allows unlimited push notifications.

Deep linking is very important and that is what dynamic linking is all about. It uses smart URL’s that actually work according to the platform. This improves the way the route goes once a link is clicked to see the content especially when you are talking about all installed apps. This means that if a user does click a link and does not have the app, it will be installed and the user will see the content as soon as the installation is finished. This features builds on dynamic links but also centers on sharing links so users can share content they wish with family and friends. This feature is also free and was created for mobile apps.

It has its own library so you can make your database of users and never have to store the information. The information will be automatically saved on Google Cloud.

The indexing of the app allows users to see the pages in research results. The app integrated Google search so users will see relevant pages right on their mobile device.

It may be hard to believe but virtual reality development is close to realization and will be coming this autumn to Android N. This feature of Google I/O 2016 helps to make VR development easy for developers to access as well as users to access. Daydream, of course, will only be made available for devices that have the hardware install known as built in VR capability. At this time, the Google team, as well as hardware partners, are working to create the correct specification so that the experience will be constant like accurate head tracking using high performance sensors.

The Android N, as well as the Google Play store, has a mode built in so users will be able to experience VR and install apps without going back and forth.

What this means for developers is that their app should easily be an extension that will be seamless. That means that more content will be seen faster on this platform. This is a very revolutionary step to strike a balance between the limited user experiences of Google Cardboard and HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift which both require hardware that could break your bank account.

Stackdriver Debugger may be in beat but it is very promising to provide live production of debugging which will capture your local variables and call stack while linking to certain lines of your own specific source code.

Of course, Google is working on improving the experience of users whether on the web or on their mobile devices and they are working even harder to build mobile sites and improve Android Studio. Most of the enhancements are centered on speed performance, test recording, and accelerated build speeds.

Android wear is still on the rise as well such as the watch OS2 but Google is now working on their own stand alone apps that do not have to be tethered to a phone. Apps will be able to download right on the wearable devices making it more fun and enjoyable.

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