Wowza Media Server Review.

By Anurag -

Wowza software has come with a bang in revolutionary cloud (internet) computing media server which has transformed the idea of streaming videos, pictures, photos and music over a network. The software high performance and security aid from simple protection to studio approved digital rights management has made it extremely popular product within a span of 1 year time. It was first introduced in the year 2011 and within one year down the line it has increased its subscriber base over 120,000 licensees over 150 countries across the globe.

The product is extremely doing well in terms of live streaming, with no further encoding required for delivering on any kind of screen whether it is live television screen or computer screen or your mobile tablet screen. It is highly compatible with all kind of media technology and the add on feature of this software comprising wowza transcoder allows overlaying static as well as dynamic images on the top of video makes the viewing more attractive and enables advertising, titling, watermarking of company’s information or logos, it can also highlight sports/stock sticker. In October 2012 the Wowza transcoder acclaimed with streaming media Europe reader’s choice award for best transcoding solution.

Customer base

The large customer base for the product range from

· Broadcasters
· Educational Institutes
· Service providers
· Media and social websites
· Enterprise
· Government and
· House of worship

And for specified set of customers it has catered 3 comfortable license packages depending on the utility level. For say service providers or event companies have less frequent or per day usage can opt for daily plan compared to growing business who have in continuous use of featuring on demand or live content for the whole month can subscribe for monthly license plan.

Pricing Strategy

The company has competitive pricing policy and provides categorical three license package plan daily, monthly and perpetual. The daily plan is ideal for events based usage and are priced on per day or per instance basis where per instance means single copy of the wowza server software, The monthly package plan as per the name goes it is on the per month or per instance basis ideal for growing business who deliver ongoing live events and or video on demand programming.and the last but not the least licensing perpetual package is an ongoing or continuous basis package per instance basis ideal for non service providers like educational institutes with a stable income.

Why Wowza?

Wowza has hit the internet media market in the last year 2011 and with its older version of Wowza Media Server 3, it worked hard on its feture enhancement and engineered the reproduction of more advanced prototype version of Wowza Media Server3.5. The add-on features like:

· Automated muilicast publishing- A system to enable automatic publishing of incoming streams.
· Bandwidth checker- Enables server-client bandwidth measurement
· Dynamic load balancing solution- A method for dynamically distributing connection load between multiple Wowza edge servers
· Media cache- A read-through caching mechanism for video on-demand streaming
· Push publishing- Allows you to configure Push Publishing using RTMP, RTP or MPEG-TS…
Has transformed, enhanced, protected, managed media streaming or flow for live or on demand content chat and recording of programs which you can filter according to use.


It has reduced the cost of encoding and buffering, so regarded as the cost effective yet highly standardized media software which is compatible with all kind of media technology and powered to deliver up to 10 Gbps of per server video streaming performance for on demand or live streaming.

Success stories

· Wowza are the first of its kind to do without extra encoding, decoding and recoding equipment, thus saving your extra money on that. It has also reduced the buffering option and shelf space making the downloading phenomenon live.
· It has brought revolution in the cloud or internet computing market and massively increased the size of online audience though its high definition attractive viewing option.
· It’s the best live transcending software.
· It is highly cost effective as it reduces the cost of storage, encoding and overall content management. Unlike shared hosting it takes care of entire aspect of the content management.

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