10 Best Computer Spying Devices.

The world of spying has been glamourized as this fast passed life where the spy is charming, gets all the beautiful women and gets to travel all over the world chasing a bad guy bent on unleashing some nefarious plan to – take over the world. The truth about the business of spying is that it is a job that does not take a week to do, or one man. According to the dictionary the act of spying involves discern or make out, especially by careful observation. The work of a spy is to detect by careful observation without being detected– this means a great spy is someone who is able to observe people from a distance. Spies rely on different gadgets from like hidden cameras and microphones. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, things we thought were all science fiction have turned out to be true. Here is some of the best computer spying devices that you should get:

1.Mini Hidden DV DVR Web Camera

These days, spy cameras can be placed virtually anywhere. They are so small that can slip in wall clocks, air fresheners. They take high-resolution images that you can view remotely. Some save information on sim-cards to allow you to watch on your mobile device later. These cameras can also pick up audio and some are activated my movement or sound.

2.DVR Camcorder Eyewear Sunglasses

These have always made an appearance in some form in most spy movies. The great thing is that they actually exist. They are cool for some cool outdoor surveillance and for scanning a room without alerting the people that they are actually being recorded. These can transmit to a remote location.

3.Wireless Camera Detectors

One thing that all spies worry about is to be spied on without being aware that its happening. Getting a spy camera detector might sound like something a paranoid person would do but when you are in the spying business you want to make sure that the same isn’t being done to you, that your life and work remains private and shielded from prying eyes.

4.Voice Authenticating USB Drive

Information is what spies trade in. A good spy knows needs to ensure that his own information remains safe. There are USB drives that you can purchase and program your voice as the key to unlocking the device.

5.Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are as important to a spy as cameras are. You can se them to track the movements of the person you are surveying. You can also sync the device

6.Micro SD Card Covert Coin – US Quarter with Secret Compartment

Coins with secret compartment for slipping micro-sim cards or smaller things are as old school as the shoe with the secret heel compartment. Every spy needs something that he can use o carry sensitive information to pass along covertly or to hide, in case he gets caught.

7.Thermal Imaging Camera Lightning Connector

Sometimes you find your self in the deepest darkest places with hidden spaces where people could hide, having a heat-detecting gadget comes in handy. This particular device turns your ordinary smart phone into a heat-detecting gadget.


Keyloggers come in handy when you need to get a code or password to retrieve information from your enemy’s computer. Keyloggers monitor the keystrokes you make on your computer and come up with a decryption code.

9. PlanOn’s document scanners

Document scanners like the PlanOn scanners covertly. Basically what it is a pen equipped with X-Ray capabilities to scan a document. The document is then saved into a SIM-card that can be used to view scanner documents in picture format or Most are priced from $170 to $300.

10. Anti-bugging Protection

Spies have to assume that in their world, someone wants to bug them in their home, office, cars, etc. a good spy would sweep his area with a bug and camera detector.


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