10 Best iOS Apps 2016

In youth iPhones have become highly famous, every other child wants an iPhone in his/her hands. From look to touch each and everything which is associated with an iPhone is great to work on and carry but is it enough? No, not at all, iPhone provides much more than this but the problem is many of us are not aware of such things. Some of us think that all the apps that are available for us have nothing to do with the brand of phone we have but in actual all the apps which are available to us completely depends upon the phone we have. For an example, suppose you have a mobile phone of Samsung and your friend has an iPhone then both of you may not be able to enjoy same applications in free i.e. it is possible that the app which is available in free for you may not be free for your friend.

Having a high brand phone without actually utilizing the value of it is totally a waste especially when you have a phone like iPhone which is known for its prize. IPhones are prized because they worth being costly and some apps make it more worthy. Some of the must-to-have apps if you have an iPhone which can make your phone much more interesting to work upon are:

  • WAZE: Are you tired of standing in the queues of traffic? Then this is the best app to go with because it does not only direct you to your destination but shows you what others can’t. Waze is a navigation app which leads you to your way when you are in doubt of your direction. Navigation apps have been amongst best work of app development company as they help in finding any way from any location. Earlier, even after having cell phones it was difficult to cover long distances without asking people on roads but now it is. If you have a smart phone and an app like waze then it is possible to reach to your destination through the shortest distance. Waze does not only direct you the way but it also helps with real-time traffic which helps you in figuring out which way to choose. This does not only save gas but also your valuable time half of which gets wasted standing on the roads. In today’s date has so much time but traffic is something which is unavoidable. So, whether you are going to your office or any party use waze if you have iPhone because this will help you in choosing the shortest time in shortest time.
  • INBOX by GMAIL: E-mails have become important source of communication especially when it comes to official works or sending big files. It may not be possible for everyone to open their Gmail account on their web browser again and again to stay updated with their work. So, in order to remove the glitch of long process of again and again opening of account a Gmail app has come. This app works well than what you can think i.e. now you do not have to follow that long process and also you do not have to refresh your inbox on your own to stay updated. This is because Gmail app offers settings of automatic notifications which will notify you automatically about the mail as soon as it comes i.e. now you do not have to worry about getting late in attending any important message just because you did not read it. There are some problems associated with constant log-in on web browsers like account-hacking but with the Gmail app you do not have to worry about security as it is fully secured. So, do not miss any app something like this which does not only save your time but also divides your work in completely secured way.
  • PHOTOSHOP FIX: Today’s youth wants best quality camera and sound in their phone and these are generally the bases on which they buy their mobile phones. IPhone is amongst those phones that provide mind-blowing picture quality and beside this they also provide many other features to refine them. Photos are something which have become a part of our daily lives, whether it is a surprise party or teasing someone we need refined photographs either in a comic way or to beautify them. Photoshop fix is the best to-go-with app for all the iPhone users as it helps them in doing required changes instantly without even waiting for desktop. It is the best solution for all the photo lovers who like to post their pictures after short intervals but hate making changes using desktop as they cannot carry them always. If you have an iPhone then quickly install this photo changing instant app which can sort out your desktop problems.
  • DOORMAN: Are you kind of that person who likes online shopping but misses your parcel most of the time? If yes, then doorman is the perfect app for you because with their help you will never miss a single parcel from next time. What happens is when you install this app then they will provide you an address so that you can enter this address while shopping. So, this way your parcel reaches to their doorstep instead of yours and then they directly contact you and as per your schedule they will deliver you your packet. This app is different than above mentioned apps as this needs you to handle the subscription charges i.e. the services of doorman requires you to pay the delivery and subscription charges. The best thing is it is not necessary for you to schedule the delivery in one-to-two days as doorman holds the package for 30 days so that in case you are out and cannot manage in some time. This way you can enjoy doing online shopping without any tension of missing deliveries again and again which may lead to missing of any packet at times.
  • HOTEL TONIGHT: Does your job include lots of travelling and you end up searching for hotels in last minutes? If yes, then hotel tonight is the perfect solution to your problem. At times we get notified late and at times we forget but both the reasons leads us rushing for hotel booking especially during season when getting a room is very difficult and that too at last moment. But with the help of this app you can get the desired room which you want without even going anywhere and the best part is this app is totally free i.e. if you have iPhone then no charges for searching a hotel as per requirements. This app avoids the instant rush and tension of not finding a room because at a single place you get every hotel.
  • SPOTIFY: Music has become an important part of our lives just like a partner which goes with our mood. It is not possible to download every track or to download instantly if you do not have one and you feel like listening to it. Such problems are solved by apps like spotify which can make your phone a pocket jukebox. With its help you can play any of your favourite song but you need to pay the subscription charges for getting access to the songs online or offline. If you will sync your favourite songs with your phone then you can listen to them offline too i.e. without any internet connection.
  • SWIFTKEY: Adding additional keyboards have become a fashion especially the ones that can increase the typing speed. Earlier iPhone did not allow any third-party keyboard to enter their system but with time and demand iOS app development has made it possible. Now, with the help of third-party keyboard you can enhance and customize your keyboard as per your wish and swiftkey app is amongst best choices. With the help of this app you do not have to type individual alphabets i.e. you just have to slide your finger from one alphabet to another, and keyboard will automatically detect that word. This increases typing speed and saves time because with the time keyboard starts understanding your typos.
  • EVERNOTE: Every person who is somewhere attached to the need of making notes wants something which can save them so that he/she can look for them every after month or years. If you are also amongst them then your search definitely ends here because Evernote is that virtual notebook that can save anything you want i.e. from text to audio. There is nothing which you cannot save here and the best part is this data will never get deleted unless you do it on your own. You can do web search of each and every content you put on Evernote which means in Evernote everything is searchable.
  • 1PASSWORD: Who likes remembering more than one unique password? Of course no one does but it is a restraint of doing so because it is highly unsafe to make a single password for all. But because of many passwords the chances of forgetting them also increases which eventually end up recovering them. It may not be a problem for once but tight schedule leads to forgetting passwords again and again. So, to simplify this 1Password app has been made so that you do not have to put much effort in remembering so much stuff because all you need to do is to remember only one password. This app automatically synchronizes with the desktop’s app and manages them with just one password.
  • KINDLE: This is the best app for all the people that love to read. This app synchronizes all of your reading stuff so that you can read any of them as and when you want. It is not possible to carry your book with you all the time but you can carry your e-book anywhere with you on your phone. You can access e-newspapers, magazines, and many more things with the help of single app and because of the font variation you will never feel it tiresome. Because of the ease in reading this app is becoming famous day by day. This may not seem to be a great stuff for all but readers definitely likes it.


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