10 Best Whatsapp Alternatives For Your Phone.

People who don’t like to pay for message packs we have the alternative ten best WatsApp messaging apps for you.

  1. Viper

It uses your mobile contacts for the identification of users and similar to WatsApp .An access code is sent on your contact number. Than by signing up you can access your contact numbers if any of them are linked with the viber and if they are you can connect with them .It also allows you to call other users but it needs an internet connection.

  1. Line

In Line you can connect with those users who connect with Line. It will register your phone number in its database. You can install MacOS and PC program which will allow you to take advantage of replying messages. But it needs to register your contact number with an E-mail account.

  1. Kakkao Talk messenger

It will send you a 4 digit verification code to register your phone number .Then it will similarly go through your address book like WatsApp to find connected contacts. You can then send pictures, text messages and start group chats, share calendar and it also allows calling to other Kakkao users.

  1. Facebook Messenger

This app is valid for both androids and iOS .It can be a great WatsApp replacement. It only has one disadvantage that it does not allow connecting to those who are not on facebook.

  1. Skype

Skype is other good alternatives as it not only allows calling but you can also message your friends and family using Skype. It is currently merged its contacts with hotmails and oldMSN. Unlike Wats App it needs your contacts to be approved before you start connecting with other people. But its reliability and suitability makes skype a perfect replacement.

  1. Live Profile

In this app you have to register your contact number with an email address .Then you are allowed to add your contacts from where other users can find you .Every account is provided with a PIN. This PIN is then provided to others without disclosing your contact number. It only has messaging features and no calling features.

  1. Groupme

It caters to those who want to involve in group chats .You can log in with your E-mail account and then you have to submit a verification code sent to your number. The unique feature of his app is that it offers group messaging over SMS.

  1. Kik Messenger

Choose a unique username to register on Kik with your E-mail. This app allows you to contact with friends in groups or individuals.

  1. ChatON

It is a basic app for messaging by Samsung. You can sign in with your Samsung account and can even skip the process and only enter your name .No calling feature is provided.

  1. WeChat

In china We Chat is the most popular app. You can register yourself similarly like on WatsApp. You can share information and can also video chat with through the app.


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