10 Tools To Get Kids Excited About Programming.

Crunchzilla Code Monster

The app is specially designed for children and is like barebones WYSIWYG editor and has two codes one for looking at the codes and the other for only codes. There are 59 lessons for kids and keep clicking the bubble for speech to move forward to the next page. The lesson is interactive and easy. Variables and parameters are included and have colorful objects like trees and boxes which are created in the Java script code. Errors are easily caught and are explained.


This is the oldest educational languages of programs. The logo was created in 1967 for education and your child can learn computer science basics from this app. It now has branched out and evolved into various other versions for all operating systems. The Turtle Academy offers advanced learning of functional programming languages. There are many other resources like FMS Logo and Turtle logo to tap into.


Scratch has various communities all over the world and offers affluence in learning. Scratch helps in making interactive stories, animations and games. It offers different scopes on imagination without the effort of learning different programs.



It uses enriched visual media tools similar to scratch for creating new computer programs. The idea behind the project was to promote critical thinking and creativity. This app runs in browser with every platform and as a standalone program. It has open source mediums and is popular worldwide because it is available in many different languages. It was developed by apple and now is being used in the one laptop per child program. It supports images, texts and sounds in 2D and 3d which are interactive and can be linked using with easy assistance of scripts.


This tool is inspired by scratch and has been recently developed .It is similar to scratch in dropping and dragging objects and understanding programs. It’s worth a try as your child needs to provide a logic with the parameter to assemble program blocks.


This app is mostly liked by children as it helps learning with fun it offers programming with animated characters and cartoons. You can download this tool is free and easily and the full version comprises of 126 MB and is compatible with all types of operating systems like all versions of windows and Mac. Inside the toon talk you can build a new whole world and can run computer programs. While learning programming children will face many challenges and can learn a lot like puzzles, new ways of solving programs and can express your skills in creativity.

Ruby for kids

Ruby helps in learning specific programming languages .It’s a nice choice and object oriented. This tool is free and runs on any operating system. Your kid will find number of communities here for learning and teaching programming.


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