25 Best Web Tools for finding a Creative Domain Name.

Registering perfect suitable domain name for your business website / blog is considered as the toughest part, unless you don’t know the best web tools for searching & registering the domain name. There are thousands of web tools available out there which can help you to generate various domain names, various domain name search engines where you can check whether the domain name is available or not. If some domain you selected is already registered & is on sale, you would surely like to know the stats of that domain which includes traffic to that domain, if it has any Google PageRank or it might be possibility that the domain is blacklisted in some countries. So to check these all things & to make things easy for you on selecting, searching & registering your domain name these web tools listed below will surely help you out.

1. Domai.nr

Domai.nr is an amazing domain search web tool that helps you to search other TLD’s that have based on web2.0 naming style domains like del.icio.us. When you search for your keyword it suggests you various typo type domain names you can register using various TLD’s. It also shows status of the domain whether registered or not. Green cube bullet before domain indicates that domain name is available. As website states, it surely “gives your domain search a happy ending”.

2. Dot-O-Mator

It is very helpful if you are trying to use two keywords in your domain name. It helps you to search domain name based on prefixes and suffixes. Predefined Name Lists are available on website in two different dropdown boxes, you can select from their or you can type your own words to combine & try to get the available domain. Website checks the availability of domain using Dotster.com service. Also there are always some discount coupon codes mentioned below the columns for registering the domain via Dotster.

3. BustAName

BustAName is also similar to Dot-O-Mator, but here instead of combining two lists only single list of words is used, you have to enter all the words one by one into the list of words & instantly it will start showing up combination of those words as domains name, only available domains will be shown in the list. also you can save domains in another column for review in case if you are trying lots of words in list.

4. Domize

Domize is a fast Ajax based domain name search engine which you can use to check the availability of domain names while just typing it, kind of Google instant if you know. It also provides a widget that webmasters & bloggers can install on their website/blog to provide this domain search facility to their visitors. It has very

5. DomainsBot

DomainsBot has a nice feature for Advanced Search. You can type-in search term in text box, & select the domain TLD’s you are looking for. It also has an option to display on those domains which are available, for sale, or expiring in coming days. You can set max keyword & domain length as per your domain name needs.

6. dnScoop

dnScoop is domain and site value tool, it’s not Domain Name search engine. Reason behind including this tool here is, in case if you liked some already registered domain name & ready to pay extra price for buying it, this web tool will help you in analyzing the stats of that domain, like domain age, whether it has Google PageRank or not & also traffic to that domain by seeing its alexa rank there.

7. StuckDomains

StuckDomains is expired domains search engine. It has record of 33,669,248 domains as stated on their website. It also has an option of selecting various parameters for domain name like include hyphen, numbers, & also length.

8. NameBoy

NamBoy is similar to dot-o-mator. It has option to select a primary & secondary word & it will show you various combinations of those words for domain names.

9. Dyyo

Dyyo is for those who are looking for short domain names, to be precise 4 letter domain name. There are 4 letter domain names listed on website’s Domain Sale section, might be possible you‘ll like one of them. Domains names are already registered, so you‘ll have to buy from Dyyo.com.

10. NameTumbler

NameTumble is also one of its own kind domain name suggestion tool. You have to mention your keyword & then select another type of keyword you want to combine with from the predefined list on their website. You can combine your keyword with adjective, computer terms, countries, nouns etc.

11. Domjax

Domjax has some extra features other than domain name search engine. It will show you available domains first & then if some already registered domain is found it will show you all stats of that domain name, like PageRank, backlinks, validation & research tools links.

12. SnapItNow

SnapitNow is a domain name generator as well as registration engine. Domain Names are registered using namesarecheap.com.

13. AjaxWhois

AjaxWhois is another fast domain name search engine tool. It will instantly show the status of the domain name you entered. If domain is available you can simply register it at GoDaddy at available discount rates stated by the website.

14. Domparison

Domparison is a domain name price comparison website. List of cheapest prices for .com registration is provided on this website. You can not only register but can also transfer your domain name at cheaper rates & as well as renew.

15. InstantDomainSearch

it is the simplest domain name search engine.as it name says Instant Domain search, as soon as you start typing domain name search results are displayed without any delay.

16. DomainTyper

DomainTyper is also like Instant Domain Search having few additional feature like it displays domain hacks for the keyword entered as well as shows whether it is available for registration. They also have their own iPhone app for domain search.

17. NXdom

It is specifically for finding short domain names. have various options for sorting the domain names

18. Wordroid

Wordroid is also based on combining keywords & generating domain name. Length of the domain name can be set. Available as well as registered domain names are shown in results.

19. DomainExposer

Domain Exposer is another domain name search engine tool, based on combination of keywords.

20. NameStation

NameStation is unique website having domain name generator, search engine, domain name suggestion & contests. It is users based website, where contests can be created & users will post their ideas for domain name ideas. There is also huge niche list available on website for ease in selecting proper domain name for your website/blog.

21. PCNames

PcNames is instant domain check engine, having options of TLD’s like .info, .biz, .us, .mobi & .name.

22. Suggest.Name

Suggest name is just like a Dot-O-Mator. Based on Prefix & Suffix thing. Also predefined lists already present on website.

23. ShoutDomains

ShoutDomains is another domain name suggestion tool based on word combiner. It also have instant domain name search engine & displays domain names for sale as well as on auctions.

24. DomBuddy

DomBuddy is having huge list domain name suggestion & also it has its own Random Syllables domain name generator. It also has Bulk Check feature, in which you can bulk check domain names.

25. Who.is

who.is is website for analyzing the details of domain name. Such websites are pretty useful if you are buying already registered domain name. You can check whether the domain is not blacklisted in countries, or is it having Google PageRank of not. & of course the domain owner details unless he is not using any privacy protection service on his domain name.


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