3 Tips for Growing Your Website’s Visitor Count.

So you’ve decided that you want to put together a blog. You’ve chosen your niche and hopefully have at least some idea of what type of content you’re going to produce.

What’s next?

Well, if you’re looking to create a successful blog that can actually generate revenue in the future, you’re going to need to grow your visitor count.

And, while there are plenty of resources out there that can help you do just that, the information overload can easily lead to a case of analysis paralysis.

To help you avoid this, let’s take a look at a few simple tips for growing your website’s visitor count.

#1 – Focus On Getting Your First 10,000 Visitors

One issue that a lot of newbie bloggers run into is that they get ahead of themselves. Instead of first focusing on bringing in a few thousand visitors, they want to know how they can bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors per month. And while that goal is certainly possible and achievable in the long run, it isn’t realistic in the short term.

Earning 10,000 visitors per month is a much more achievable short term goal. And it should be your first priority. Because once you reach that number, getting to 20,000 becomes much easier. And once you’re at 20,000, getting to 50,000 also becomes much easier. And once you’re at 50,000…you get the picture.


#2 – Network with Other Bloggers

No matter how daunting it may seem to grow your blog’s visitor count, it’s important to realize that every single blogger started at the exact spot that you are; with zero visitors.

That’s a fact that you can leverage as you try to grow your own visitor count since other bloggers have an understanding of the uphill climb that it takes to make it.To do this, however, you have to be willing to network with other bloggers.

Some of the best ways to do this include:

  • Email them
  • Offer to guest post
  • Offer to form a partnership
  • Get involved in local and national networking events

Regardless of how you go about networking, it’s absolutely essential that you focus on providing value to the bloggers that you are looking to partner with.After all, if you’re only in it for your own gain, you’re wasting your time.

#3 – Use Social Media

Social media and content marketing go hand-in-hand.Your path to growing your website’s visitor count will be much more difficult if you’re not willing to commit to using social media to do so.The first step here is to find out what social media platform your target audience is spending their time on.From there, you can slowly build their trust by providing them with helpful, useful content.

This can help you achieve two goals, as you’ll be able to grow your visitor count while also building your social media following.


There’s no doubt that bringing in visitors and growing your blog is a challenge.But as they say, ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it.’ Fortunately, by utilizing the tips outlined above, growing your visitor count becomes a much more realistic possibility. Get started using these tips today and start working towards your first 10,000 visitors.


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