3 top SEO Tips for your E-commerce Website .

Congrats, You’ve built your first e-commerce website! Now, let’s just wait for users to check your website and start buying your products and services, right? Well not exactly. The key to the success of your online store will be the amount of people that find you online. That’s where SEO or search engine optimization comes in.

As you may know, most of online experiences start with a search engine. Your customers will surf the web to find and buy stuff online by using a search engine. If you’re not one of the first results that come up, you will not get the traffic that your website deserves! However, by injecting some SEO techniques to your website, you may have a much better chance of getting ranked.

Below we will outline some tips that will help boost your e-commerce website’s SEO in no time.

Secure your website.


Having a secure website is a must when you’re dealing with sensitive information such as credit card details. To let search engines know that your site is safe, be sure to acquire an SSL certificate. This will give an indication to the search engines that you are putting a conscious effort into the protection of your website’s visitors. Furthermore, search engines like Google have started giving a lower ranking to e commerce website that do not have a secure website, so ideally you’d like to stay out of this category!

Rich Snippets.


Rich snippets are those little boxes that come up in the search engine that give you a bit more information about your search query. This could be anything from a step by step numbered list, a review or a recipe. To make sure your web page has a chance of getting a featured snippet, you should add schema.org HTML markup related to your product pages. By adding those little lines of code to your website, a search engine can understand better what content it is you have to offer. From this they can pull information such as product names, prices and reviews so that your merchandise can appear in one of those little snippets – which will help get you even more clicks!

If you need more information on how to get a rich snippets, check out this SEO Hero post.

Mobile is a Must.


Pretty much everyone nowadays owns a smartphone, and these little devices are being used on a daily basis to make purchases online. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative that your online store contains a mobile optimized version, thus making it easier for users to browse and buy from their smartphones or tablets. The best option would be to make your website responsive, so it fits every screen resolution. Also make sure that the image you use look great on a mobile device, and regularly run tests to see how your e-commerce website looks on the go.



Applying these tips will definitely give your site a better chance of ranking in the SERP’s, and ultimately will lead to more traffic to your website, giving you more chances to convert your site visitors into potential buyers, so keep on optimizing!


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