3 Websites For Sending Self Destructive Emails And Messages.

We often see in the Hollywood movies where the spy gets the message and after that read the message it says, “This message will self destruct itself in x seconds.”And then we used to think whether this is possible or not. In human life we face such circumstances where we require such messages that we don’t want the other person store anywhere. It can be anything including password. To achieve this situation we require such services that send messages which after reading gets destroyed it.

There are few web apps present online by which we can achieve such services. These services are online services but for a small period of time. You can send messages through these websites and after the message has been read by the other person it will automatically get deleted. This means it is only possible to view such messages for one time. Following web apps may assist you in case you need such services.


It burns the note as the name of the app suggest. It allows its users to send online self destructive message to keep your discussion private. The best and most important feature of the app is that it also avoids avert copy of the message. This means the other person cannot copy your message to locate it somewhere else. This app is really helpful and cool for those who do the sharing of pin and passwords with others.

It’s very simple to use Burnnote, you just need to create an account which is free and then add the email address of the person to whom you want to send self destruct message. After that users are provided with a link to view messages and you can even respond to it. It also shows the time when the other user viewed your message.


It allows users to send a one time message. This is similar to Burnotes and provides protection for your PIN and password. You just need to create a link for your note and then send it to the person you want to. This service also provides you with a notification at the time when it was read. Enable notification for this. After the first use the link will be deleted so that no one can view it further.


This also offers similar services to create and send secret notes. Create a link with the private message and share it with the person you want to. After the first read message will get deleted but you can keep a copy of your message if you want to. It also offers notification but it needs enabling.

There are many more apps that offer such services of self destruct message online. iOS users can install Snapchat. This app allows users to send self destruct images.


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