4 Integration Pairings Your Startup Needs to Have.

Internal communication is vital to the success of your company, especially as a startup. Fostered internal communication can lead to increased productivity because it keeps employees active, engaged, and accountable. According to a poll released by Gallop, a whopping 70% of workers in the United States feel they aren’t engaged in their workplace.

A good way to keep employees active and engaged internally is to integrate different pieces of software to streamline communication and efficiency. For example, you might integrate an email marketing campaign into your management software.

Different software integrations allows teams to work in unison, share resources, set and meet deadlines, and submit deliverables. This eliminates the need to jump from one cloud-based software to the next, housing everything in one place. Here are the four best software integration pairs that your startup could use to increase employee productivity.

JIRA and Slack or HipChat

For a startup that develops software, the first few projects are crucial to its long-term survival. JIRA is a tracking tool that helps businesses keep track of issues and developments during the software development phase. Slack and HipChat are platforms that foster team communication. It allows users to distribute files easily, communicate quicker through instant message, and keep track of multiple conversations for different projects. Here are a few things you can accomplish when you integrate JIRA with collaboration tools like Slack:

  • Create JIRA issues and have them go directly into chat rooms
  • Change the status of JIRA issues in Slack or HipChat
  • Discuss issues in Slack or HipChat and then reference them in JIRA
  • Notify team members when an issue’s status has been changed in JIRA
  • Attach files to JIRA issues through Slack or HipChat

VoIP and Salesforce

ROI is critical to the survival of any company, and deploying a Salesforce VoIP integration can help businesses increase their bottom line. With this integration, you can take advantage of closed loop analytics to accurately measure ROI on your advertising and marketing campaigns. It also allows you to keep track of certain metrics and KPIs, like length of call and how many customers were serviced. This data helps assess employee performance and discover areas where improvement is needed. With access to so much data, business owners can strategically use it to make better long-term business decisions and increase profits.

Asana and Everhour

There are many types of software your business can use to grow the company, but every startup needs project management software like Asana. Once integrated with Everhour, a time tracking application that also generates reports and invoices, you have the perfect environment to track a project from start to finish. Everhour can be directly integrated into Asana without any third party applications acting as a liaison, making the entire process seamless. The Asana/Evermore integration allows you to do the following:

  • Start the time tracker or log manual hours with a single button or few clicks
  • Set up a system that tracks the amount of time it takes to complete tasks or projects
  • View how much time it takes to complete each task
  • Generate reports that provide accurate time tracking data for every task or the entire projects

Mailchimp and Shopify

Email marketing is still king when it comes to delivering messages to your audience — especially in the ecommerce industry. Mailchimp provides the email marketing platform that enables startups to achieve growth. Shopify is an ecommerce solution that allows you build and customize your online store, manage inventory and much more. Combining these two application is powerful way to reach your customers in a much more effective and efficient manner.

You can:

  • Create abandoned cart email campaigns to help retain customers
  • Showcase products to customers
  • Allow customers to purchase products through emails
  • Use Mailchimp to run Facebook ad campaigns and move more inventory

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