4 Things Your Blog Needs That You Might Still Be Missing.

There’s more to blogging for your business than just posting some words on a daily basis. You need to create something that people are interested in, that they want to read; and you also want to try to make it into something they’ll feel inspired to share with other people.

It takes talent to create shareable blog content that people will want to post on social media, and that has any chance of going viral. If you want to make a blog that has the chance of becoming popular, and something people will want to share, you need to make sure that yours includes everything that could possibly make it worthy of people’s time and attention.

For some businesses, and some bloggers, this seems like an easy task. Maybe you’re one of those. Still, you could be missing out on some key blog ingredients that would attract more attention to your individual posts and your business overall.

Always Include a Photo

A picture speaks a thousand words, and no matter how many words your blog post contains, you should include at least one photo. In fact, statistics show that blogs with photos get far more viewership than those without them.

Attracting more readers is only one benefit of inserting a photo in every blog post. When you use a photo, and share your post on sites like Facebook and Pinterest, they gives viewers a visual of what they’re clicking on, which can make people far more likely to click.

Just make sure you are using photos that you have the right to post, or that are OK to use if you don’t own them, as well as add value to your post.

A Call To Action

Calls to action are the subject of many blog posts these days, and for good reason. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to help the people who read your post decide what to do next, once they are finished reading, do you?

That’s the whole point of the blogging trade. You’ve generated hundreds of words telling people about a product or service of yours that could change their life.

You don’t simply want to end your sales pitch with a dead end, so this is where the call-to-action comes in. Use a couple sentences to tell readers the next step to achieve the success you’ve offered them, whether it’s an email address to contact you for more info, or a link to a page to buy the product that’s the answer to their problem.

The Right Tone of Voice

You also want to make sure you always use the right tone of voice in your posts. On the one hand, you want to maintain a professional tone on a business blog, but on the other, you want to write with a conversational tone.

The intent is to help your readers relate and feel you are actually talking directly to them, rather than down to or about them. Don’t be afraid to get a little witty in your posts now and then.

If you can make someone chuckle and still teach them something, they’re bound to come back for more. People also love anecdotes, so share away.

A Niche

One other thing that can make or break your blog is the topic at hand. What is your blog about?

Since it’s a business blog, it should be about the things your company has to offer, but sometimes even business blogs get a little off topic once in awhile. It really helps to pick a general topic and stay with it.

If your business helps people sell their homes, you probably wouldn’t need to write about eating a healthy diet. Pick your niche and stick to it.

You can write about celebrities that have recently sold their homes and still have it come across as appropriate, possibly even something with the potential to go viral, but talking about what a celebrity eats for breakfast would be better for a cooking blog.


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