4 Websites To Help You Pronounce Names Correctly.

Whenever you are talking to someone who belongs to some other nation , you might not be able to pronounce their name properly. Infact , you might be unable to pronounce the name of somebody from your nation. To handle this situation which can make you feel embarrass , there are 4 very popular websites that will help you out by giving proper solution to this problem. You can easily go through these sites whenever it is necessary.

HearNames : It is a very popular site which helps you in pronouncing difficult names . You just have to type the name of that person in the given column over the homepage and you can easily get the result by pressing enter. The result would be in the type of a list , starting with that name and some other names similar to it. If you are unable to find out the name on that website , you can simply fill a form regarding the same concern over the website.

Pronounce Names : This is more or less similar to the website HearNames. You can search out the name and the pronunciation of that name will be highlighted in front of you. If you don’t find a name procedure to add that name into that website remains same as in case of HearNames.

Ingolo : Sometimes you might be interested in knowing the name of any location and how to pronounce it. In that case this website will help you out. This website is helpful for English and non English users. Whenever you search a name its phonetic result as well as audio result will be displayed in front of you. The best part is that it also tells you about the origin of that word.

The Name Engine : This website basically caters to the searching of names of famous personalities like politicians , athletes , news makers and entertainers etc. Home page guides you about various categories like tennis , golf and cricket etc. . You can click on the required field and get the results in front of you. Else you can find the name of that famous personality in the search box and get the result.

Thus, you can clearly see that how these websites are helpful in one or the other way. You don’t have to feel embarrassed while talking to someone who does not belong to your nation or region. You can easily find out the pronunciation of their name by entering their name in search column. So , now you can easily pronounce those names which you were pronouncing wrong earlier. Don’t hesitate yourself and try pronouncing few names using these websites.


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