5 Best Alternatives to Picnik.

For those who love using Picnik, there’s a bad news. Google is going to discontinue this photo editing service from April 19, 2012 onwards. So let us show you some of the best alternatives to this service, so even if Picnik goes out of service you have your new online photo editing service at hand. And believe this article that the following alternatives will impress you very much.

Each of the photo editors described below is special in one or the other way.

Though these alternatives may not be having some special feature that Picnik has but still these editors will not let you down.

Here are the five best alternatives to Picnik:


By its look, one would simply compare it with Picnik. But this is not the lone reason which makes it comparable to Picnik. This editor offers you all the features that a good image editor should provide. Hence making itself an editor worthwhile.


As you will see this image editor, you will check out that the maker of the editor has labelled it as an aversatile graphic manipulation package. But honestly speaking this editor is little bit difficult to handle but as you will try it for the first time you will definitely like it.


Instead as an alternative to Picnik, this editor is more famous as a best online alternative to Photoshop. This is because this editor allows you to edit images online. And it offers all the basic features that MS photo editor and Photoshop editor has.


Even if Picnik editor goes out of service, but this does not mean that there is no image editor available online. Google has provided a popular and incredible product for image editing with ease. And this tool is none other than Picasa.


As an alternative to Picnik, with this editor one can do a lot of things with their photos. Be it adding up of dialogue box, frames, and bubbles or doing other work to edit photos. This tool simply lets you customise your photos with greater ease.


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