5 Great Alternative Page Title Ideas for Your Website.

Conventional wisdom says that website navigation is all about familiarity. Don’t confuse visitors by making them guess what they’ll find on a page they click. Be clear. Use the standard page titles home, contact us, FAQ, about, products and/or services and blog on menus because that’s what viewers are used to.

It’s also boring.

Using the same old page titles doesn’t give you a chance to stand out from the crowd. Or highlight your brand. Or help with SEO. Is it possible to use creative alternatives without confusing visitors? It is.

Here are some great alternative page titles for 5 of the most common website titles that promote clicking, not snoozing.

Leave Home Alone!

Now that you’re convinced that there are better page titles out there, there is one page you have to leave just the way it is. That’s the “Home” page. No amount of creativity can replace good old “Home.”

Idea #1. What’s a Blog Anyway?

Blogs are commonplace, but often the information inside the blog is far from common. Companies use blogs to impart information of interest to the customer base. Depending on the structure of your blog, try using one of the following page titles instead:

  • News: News sounds important and can cover a variety of subjects and issues related to a company, its mission and its customers. For example, this “news” page in communications specialist Rosemary Plorin’s website covers everything from her company’s recognition as finalist for Nashville’s Small Business of the Year 2016 Award to news articles in which her employees provide tips for measuring customer satisfaction. The diversity of content keeps the page interesting and well-populated.
  • Alerts: The word “alert” certainly gets attention. Make sure the information you post deserves the name, though.
  • Tips: A blog is the perfect place for how-to information and tips, so if that’s what you blog about, “Tips” is a perfect page title. How-to information is popular and will attract visitors. Why not call it what it is and let visitors know about the valuable knowledge you freely give out.
  • Product or Service Reports: This page title gives you lots of leeway to talk about your own products and services, post recall alerts, offer how-to information and just about anything else.
  • Helpful Information: Again, tips, how-to guides, in-the-news articles about products or services and other informative missives can be posted here. “Helpful Information” is much more descriptive of what your blog is about and encourages visitors to click and find out more.

Idea #2. About What?

The “About” page title is a great place to sell yourself, tout your knowledge, introduce the people behind the facade and generally be creative. You can use alternatives as main page titles or within a dropdown menu depending on your services and products. A few suggestions include “Meet the Experts,” “Who We Are,” “Our People” and “Meet the Crew.”

Idea #3. Services and/or Products

Descriptive page titles of the products or services your company offers are much better than generic titles for both visitors and SEO purposes. Make your descriptions unique and detailed, in a concise easily understandable few words.

Idea #4. Contact Us

Impersonal, isn’t it? How about shaking it up a little and show there’s a human side? Try one of these instead: “Ask a Question,” “Drop Us a Line,” “Reach Out,” “Work with Us” or “Want to Talk?” Or, you could turn your contact page into a call-to-action by using “Schedule an Appointment” instead.

Idea #5. FAQ

Lots of choices here. Try “Got Questions?,” “Help Me!,” “Answers,” “Ask Us,” or “Quick Facts.”

The great thing about your website and its page titles is that you can try different creative styles and see if they work. Do you get more clicks when your title page says “Helpful Information” than you did when it simply said “Blog?” Chances are you will.


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