5 Methods to Obtain File/Data from Your Desktop to Your Android.

In these modern days, transferring the data and files between the Smartphone and the computer has become much faster than before. Below you can get the five fastest ways to select from when it comes to sharing files or synchronizing files. The transferring or sharing option really depends on what you plan to do with files and what kinds of files you are sharing.

Pushing Data or Files to Your Android

PushBullet is the simple and easy application, which is the fastest way to update information from your desktop on your Android. When you install this application, it connects your device to the service of the PushBullet. Hence, all you need to do to push the data to your android goes to a website PushBullet.com. Tap “Push top this device” and then store the data on your tablet or Smartphone.

Going through the cloud

In these modern days, it would be sensible to mention a cloud as the practical and viable option for data and file transfer between the Desktop and Android. Almost, every person has some sort of cloud storage application on their Smartphone, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and great list of other alternatives of cloud storage. The application of Dropbox is possibly one of the fastest methods to receive the data and file to the online storage place that you may access from any location. You can easily download or upload files to your account from the application of Dropbox. Once you have uploaded files from your android to your account of Dropbox, it is just the matter of starting your PC and sign into your account of Dropbox and transferring the data and file. In similar way can transfer files from your desktop to your android.

A Wi-Fi File Explorer

The WI-Fi File Explorer is an application which could be installed on your for sharing the data and information. This application transfers and shares out file system of your android through your local Wi-Fi network. The application of Wi-Fi Explorer will offer you with the port of your Smartphone and the IP address.

Establish Your Android as an FTP Server

Through the application known as FTP Server Ultimate, you can operate your android as an FTP server. There are various high quality and awesome FTP server application in the Android market. The application, FTP Server Ultimate enables you to operate an FTP server on your android and you may offer many users with access to FTP server.

Utilize Android for Full featured data Transfer

Sometimes sharing files and data between your desktop and android device includes more than just data and files. It means that probably you wish to access your contact list stored on your android, SMS of your android and take screenshots.


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