5 Travel Marketing Tips for the Digital Arena.

The data is in and travel is trending. Thousands of web searches for travel destinations and adventures occur every day, and the market is only growing. Airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other affiliated businesses are capitalizing on the mass popularity of vacationing. Most of the action is happening online.

According to studies, 69 percent of travelers start looking for transportation and accommodations on the Internet. Each year, about 60 million tweets include hotel names, 21 million discuss vacation destinations, and millions more talk about airlines.

Digital marketing has become pretty much the only way to make it big in the travel industry. Because of its popularity, the market is becoming oversaturated.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you’ll need to apply some essential strategies that will boost your travel website to greater success. If you’re looking for ways to revamp your strategy, here are some key suggestions.

  1. Improve Your Website

Your website is always the first place to look when you’re struggling to get the traffic and conversions. When a website isn’t well designed, is slow, and has poor navigation, the result is massive page abandonment.

Travel websites need a great design to be successful. To see a useful example and learn more about what makes a great travel site, visit Expedia’s website. This popular travel site offers top-notch imagery, user-relevant pages, and easy search functions.

The site also has excursion information for activities like whale watching and other adventures that are popular regardless of the destination. The variety of pages and quality design make it easy for users to get the experience they want on the Expedia site.

  1. Use Paid Search

Paid search is arguably more effective in the travel sector than in any other business. It’s easy to collect conversions when people are searching for destinations you offer, so if you pay to appear at the top of searches during peak search periods, you’ll experience success.

For most companies, the paid search strategy involves allotting a yearly budget and splitting it into 12 parts. Travel is a different beast. You’ll want to target your paid search to show up more often during and just before peak travel seasons.

Over the summer and the holidays, for example, you’ll see much higher engagement rates than at any other time of year, so allocate your funds accordingly.

  1. Run a Travel Blog

Blogging will serve several purposes in your online marketing. First, it can boost your search engine optimization, and bring you closer to the top search results. Through keyword mentions and quality content that relates to current travel trends, you can increase traffic and conversions.

Blogging is also effective for retaining customers and sharing valuable information. Your travel blog can offer relevant information on travel destinations, tips for packing, TSA regulations, or methods for finding the best deals on hotels. This kind of information will always bring in leads.

  1. Improve Content Marketing

Once you’ve launched your blog and generated content, you’ll need to create a solid strategy to market all of it. The travel industry offers excellent topical opportunities that will help you to focus on useful and entertaining content. Dipping into that wealth will all but guarantee repeat readers.

Focusing on inbound marketing to raise your search engine rankings is also worthwhile. Because the travel industry is highly competitive, getting into the first five search results on Google is golden. A great inbound marketing strategy is essential to make this happen.

  1. Take to Social Media

Social media and the travel industry were made for each other. In digital marketing, getting people interested in travel is all about stimulating the senses and making the reader want to get up and go.

Given the impact of high-quality images on networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, creating a social media marketing strategy should be a no-brainer.

Market posts, travel deals, top destinations, and other useful content on your social networks every day. Interact with customers and followers to represent your company better.

Your constant presence on social media in combination with excellent content will take your travel site far.


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