5 Video Marketing Lessons from Successful YouTube Channels.

If you’ve studied the trends over the past few years, you have a clear understanding of the blatantly obvious trajectory of digital marketing. It’s pretty easy to see that visual content is gaining prominence across all industries. As a business owner or digital marketer, it’s important that you understand how YouTube fits into the mix and what needs to be done to find success in the months to come.

5 Lessons Worth Learning

You can learn a lot by studying what successful YouTube channels are doing. While you don’t want to mirror everything you see, taking little techniques and applying them to your own video marketing strategy is a smart idea. In particular, you may want to consider the following five lessons.

  1. Develop an Experience

The goal of video marketing isn’t to create short pieces of content that are relevant one day and gone the next. The purpose is to create immersive experiences that keep users coming back for more.

There’s perhaps no better example of developing an experience than GoPro’s YouTube channel. GoPro doesn’t just post random videos. A lot of foresight and planning goes into the production of each video. Everything the company publishes is designed to further the brand experience and convey value to the viewer.

  1. Create Video Series

Part of creating an experience means developing some consistency in your video marketing strategy. One of the best ways to do this is by developing videos that play off each other.

Park West Gallery’s YouTube channel provides a good example of the value of a video series. Over the past few years, they’ve consistently published videos under a series titled “In The Artist’s Studio,” which features different artists from around the world. The beauty of this series is that people can visit the YouTube channel and enjoy a consistent experience.

  1. Produce Lots of Video

The problem most businesses have when trying to pursue video marketing is a lack of consistency. They’ll post five videos one month, two the next month, and then nothing the month after that. As a result, users find it difficult to engage with the brand. They simply aren’t sure what to expect.

The moral of the story is to produce lots of videos on a consistent basis. Depending on the quality of the videos – and how much production time goes into them – you should aim for posting between two and five videos per month. If you can do more, then that’s even better. As you can see from PlayStation’s YouTube channel, the more videos you create, the more interaction you’ll receive.

  1. Pay Attention to SEO

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? This means you need to optimize your videos for organic search traffic. Since search engines can’t decipher video content based on audio and visuals, you have to guide them in other ways. On YouTube, this means filling out descriptions and applying the right tags to individual videos.

The Ubisoft YouTube Channel is the perfect example of what SEO-rich descriptions look like. Each of their videos has a detailed description with keywords and search terms included.

  1. Fill Out Your Profile

Finally, make it a priority to fill out your YouTube profile. YouTube only provides a couple of different places to customize, so maximize this valuable space. Clearly explain the purpose of your channel and don’t be shy about including backlinks to your social profiles and websites.

Rainbow Loom’s YouTube channel is one of only a few good examples of a comprehensive profile. Notice how they include information about the company, as well as links to other profiles on the internet.

Invest in Video Marketing

If you haven’t already given video marketing a try – or believe your current strategy is ineffective – then apply the five lessons in this article and invest in a fresh start!


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