5 Ways Mobile Phones Will Change Over The Next 5 Years

We caught up with Freddie Figgers of Figgers.com to find out what he sees in the future for cell phones and their technology. Figgers did stress that a lot of this would be guess work, bearing in mind how quickly the industry changes and evolves, but thought the following 5 advances would be a pretty solid bet for anyone out there looking to see what the future may hold regarding mobile communications.

  1. Better security: Figgers pointed out that with more of us using phones for banking and paying for stuff, security is going to have to compete against pretty determined individuals looking to get hold of your money. People will have to look at strong antivirus, and malware softwares for their phone as well as making sure pins and account details are safe from hackers.
  1. Searches Becoming Predominantly Mobile: Already around 60% of search engine searches are mobile related.This includes tablets. This is only going to grow. This means more and more websites will need to be looking to be friendlier to mobile devices, including tablets, than laptops and desktops in the very near future. Just being responsive in design may not be enough.
  1. Mobiles Replacing Tablets: At some point the need for tablets will cease to exist, certainly those with smaller 7 and 8 inch screens. People already stream videos and music through their mobile phones and the market for smaller tablets is shrinking. It exists largely due to better processing, though how long that will last is questionable.
  1. Battery Life Will Get Much Longer: Battery life will be key to how much can be reliably left to our phones to perform. With advances to battery longevity and power output, it doesn’t seem like we will be limited by this very much within a few years, despite the increase in workload we will expect from our phones. Speed and ease of charging will also enhance their ability to handle the many tasks users demand.
  1. More Robust: We already have phones that are “drop proof” as well as being highly water resistant. Figgers sees that trend continuing. Stronger screens as well as tougher casing will mean that phones can last a lot longer. This is very handy for the users who are often tied to 2 year contracts. You may well even see contract times go up as phones are built to last a lot longer.

Figgers finished by saying, “ Mobile phone technology will continue to grow extremely fast. The demand is always there for more apps, faster processing and easier access to searches and website services and information. For suppliers like me and my company these are really exciting times and the future looks like it will be even more so.”


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