7 Best Free Spotify Apps.

Spotify is expanding rapidly in the US after conquering the tech world in the Europe. With its immense popularity more Spotify based apps are hitting the market. All such apps have been made official and the online music industry is supporting the 3rd party developers to come up with wonderful apps. In this article we have compiled some of the 7 best apps that will enhance your Spotify experience.Moodagent

This app is actually a playlist creator and has been integrated with the Spotify to make the user experience best Spotify app. With this you can create different playlists based on your moods. There are more than 15 million songs o spotify and you are able to listen the most popular and even the unheard music as per your mood choice. This feature makes this app an incredible app.


This is the app that cannot be missed out from the Spotify apps list. This big app has been in the business that helps you to find music of all ages. And this will continue to serve you as long as you want it to.

Rolling Stone

As the name goes by, this app has originated from none other than the legendary  Rolling Stones, the music magazine. With this app one can look out for the tracks that have been compiled by a number of music critics, fans, celebrities etc.


This is the app which is worth to give a look. Apart from playing songs, this app will give you the news about the artists that will be performing in your city and simultaneously allowing you to buy tickets. So with this app working you will sure boast of enjoying the performance of all the bands coming to your town.


Social networks are the best places to know about the best and amazing stuff going on. And this applies for music too. Hence with this app you are able to know what your friends and other people are currently listening to.


If you want to have an app that can turn your music listening to a karaoke then this app suits your needs. With this app all one has to do is click on the TuneWiki when the song is being played and then you will be getting the lyrics of it simultaneously.

We Are Hunted

This Spotify app is the best app in the business. It has features like Emerging chart, Genre chart, Instant playlist, Mainstream chart. This app has been voted as the best app to be used by the spotify users.


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