7 WordPress Plug-ins You Need to Ensure Your E-Commerce Store is a Success

With the world of e-commerce growing at an astounding rate, competition among all types of online stores is at an all time high. If you’re looking to start or improve a store using WordPress, plug-ins can be a great tool for helping you stay on top of the competition. With that in mind, here are seven WordPress plugs-in you can take advantage of make sure your eCommerce store is at the top of the competition.


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1.     Shopify

You will likely already have heard of Shopify if you have a store online. That’s because it’s one of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress store owners. Shopify comes with loads of features that will make running an online store much easier. Shopify is considered a top plug-in because it can automate much of the processes of running an online store. It handles payments, orders, products, and is a sure-fire way to ensure an online store is a success.

2.     Yoast SEO

Without a strong search engine presence, an online business cannot be successful. If you’re struggling in this area, Yoast SEO was designed with you in mind. With tons of useful information and features like keyword insights, you’ll learn how to optimize your site and ultimately your business.

3.     MonsterInsights

If you don’t already use Google Analytics, you should be doing so. Designed to help you learn more about the demographics of your target market, Google Analytics is crucial for any online business. For ease of use, you’ll want to install MonsterInsights. This plug-in connects to your Google Analytics account and displays its information right in your WordPress admin panel so that you can easily track conversions and other traffic metrics.

4.     Securi

If security is of the most importance issues in your online store, it’s important you consider Securi to handle your requirements. The plugin itself was developed to provide an extra layer of security to online business owners. It does so by preventing DDoS, XSS, and Brute Force Attacks. The plugin is very useful and you’ll find that malware and other viruses will also be prevented.

5.     W3 Total Cache

If your WordPress store is laggy, your customers are going to get fed up and look elsewhere. With this in mind, W3 Total Cache was created to speed up your site by converting files to compressed and cached forms, enhancing the experience of your customers and your search engine presence simultaneously.

6. Blog Protector

A growing problem for online businesses is content theft. Oftentimes, websites will recycle information from other web pages without giving credit to the original source. To help protect your business from content theft, Blog Protector prohibits visitors from copying and pasting material from your site.

7. Pixabay

An aesthetically-bland website is a turn-off for customers. If you need to spice up your visuals, Pixabay offers a range of free high-quality images to get your site looking professional and fresh. These can be used for free, and there are over 900,000 options available.

With skyrocketing competition, you’ll need to make intelligent use of plug-ins in order to help your online store thrive. The ones listed above are some of the most popular options, but there are many others depending on the needs and goals of your business.


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