Annotate PDF Document Free Tools .

There are lots of apps that do not include annotation tool. Here are the free tools that you can use to annotate your PDF files

Adobe reader

This is a mobile application of the official adobe reader, which works for iPod and iPhone. It can also used for electronically sign documents and fill out forms. With its assistance you can underline, highlight,

PDF Notes

PDF is a free version app for pdf notes and is accessible for only iPod along with the Air Print support. It offers options of a variety of text notes, highlighters and pens for annotating your PDF. To avoid accidental marks on the document it includes palm rest and smooth finger writing.

AnnotDoc Lite

This app is only valid for the iPod and is a unique app that allows annotating power point and Microsoft word flies on top of PDF files. It can also be used for handwriting, highlighting, watermarking, and adding signatures. It does not support exporting or saving documents but it provides annotations screenshots.

PDF Review Free

It is better to try this app before buying .The review is available for both phone and iPod. This app allows its users to leave notes and feedbacks on PDF documents .It assists in simplifying the processes of documents or files and also allow the feedback from different users. You can even generate structure reports through the app.


It is the latest application for note taking with features of annotation. It allows highlighting texts, reference images, handwriting instead sticky notes. It uses smooth retina links, which give outcome on detail writings and beautiful results. Cloud services and email like Google drive and every note can easily export documents.


It is a companion application for the PC tool for windows. It offers digital library that can be annotated, read and organized with all types of files, which also include a PDF. It also includes features like bibliography generation and citation, importing, highlighting, organizing files and sticky note and much more is provided in this unique app.


This free version and includes best annotation taking notes and filling in forms. At present, this is the iOS PDF app that supports text format Adobe rich. It offers annotation by crossing out and using, underling and highlighting by squiggly tool. The user also gets threaded conversations and comments adding which are great for collaboration.
DocAS Lite

It annotates PDF files; create presentations, sketch ideas, share note and also records audio clips. It allows access of documents anywhere on Dropbx, PC/Mac via Wi-Fi, FTP, Google drive, Web Davies apps and many more. It also supports RTF, AppleI work files of a text image

Adobe reader

This version just like iOS adobe reader allows you viewing comments, electronically sign. Annotate, share documents, etc. It has similar features as the iOS app such as underline, highlighting, and freehand writing.


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