Atomic Email Studio – The Email Marketing Software Review.

The Atomic Email Studio is software that efficiently performs the entire tasks related to e-newsletter sending, and email search. This software extracts the email address from local files, websites, Outlook address books, the global WHOIS database and the newsgroups. This also performs the email address validity check and it removes the “dead” contacts automatically.

It performs the following mailing list management tasks such as splitting, intersection, subtraction, merging and removal of duplicate contacts. It also performs unique email creation, monitoring and sending. This software includes 9 advanced tools in it.


What are the tools included in Atomic Email Studio?

Atomic Email Sender

This feature is a bulk mailer which is included to send email newsletters. This contains the entire set of functions that are needed for sending mass emails. This makes it send a bulk number of emails to a number of recipients. This atomic email sender has an in-built SMTP server that makes it works with any SMTP server. And, it examines the results of the user’s campaigns by using the Atomic Email Tracker service and Google Analytics

Atomic Email Hunter

It gathers quality contacts and personalizes the mailing lists of the user. This feature is capable of creating targeted contact list and it extracts the emails from any site on the internet automatically. By using the Mailbox plug-in, it extracts the contact addresses from the email account. Also, it finds the country of the address owner with the help of email address domain and location of extraction.

Atomic Mail Verifier

It removes the nonexistent email addresses to improve the confidence of email servers and verifies the email addresses according to the standard spelling rules. It verifies the domain and if it finds an incorrect domain then the email address is removed. The email address existence is checked by connecting to the SMTP server.

Atomic List Manager

This tool is used to edit mailing lists. It split and merges the email lists that have multiple data parameters. It splits the email mailing list by using the filters and it can exclude the emails that are duplicate and invalid and free some email addresses.

Atomic Subscription Manager

This subscription manager is used to maintain the subscriptions automatically. It manages the subscriptions and unsubscriptions by email subject. This allows the user to monitor the Inbox for a specific subject line and saves or removes the sender’s email addresses automatically to or from a specified mailing list. In addition, it generates notifications based on user-defined schedule.

Atomic Email Logger

This is designed to search email address on the stored files in the computer hard drive and extract email addresses. That is, it collects contacts from local files.

Atomic WHOIS Explorer

This is similar to the above tool that gathers the contacts from the global WHOIS database.

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

This tool collects contacts from the newsgroups

Atomic Web Spider

This tool collects contacts and email addresses from the visited websites

All these 9 tools come as a package with the atomic email studio software. Customers can buy this software as a whole package or as individual software based on their need. Both ways will provide benefits to the users. Most of the user’s of this email marketing software provide positive feedback about this software.

Pros of Atomic Email Studio

  • This software is easy to use and it does not need too much of complex knowledge for using it
  • The help section of this software is designed in a good manner and well written which is easily understandable for non-technical people
  • Similarly, the language used in the help section of this software is easy to understand for all type of users
  • The efficiency of a software program lies on its speed of execution. This software executes in faster speed and this does not slows down the system performance
  • It brings the user’s own SMTP provider so there is no locking and it has god email template feature.
  • It is highly reliable, designed in user-friendly manner and cost effective and meets all the needs of the user
  • This software is easy to operate by any user
  • One of the greatest advantages of this Atomic Email Studio software is, it contains all the products in a single package

By using this software the users can find the contacts of any person across the world. Also, customers of this software can send marketing and promotional emails to a number of recipients across the nation and also across the world. Any user can use this software without getting into the depth of complex technical issues. Also, the users don’t need to know about the complicated technical terms to use this software. If it is purchased for business purpose, then the owner does not need to teach how to install and implement this software or how to use this software to the team members. With its easy language they can easily install and use this software and it is very easy for them. Other than this, users can numerous benefits from this Atomic Email Studio software.

Also, users feel that the looking for the target market and right information delivery of this software is very well and useful. By using this software one can collect emails, sort them into lists, verify them and send out emails and everything of this software works well. The 9 packages into this one program provide whatever the user wants. Customers can get this software for an affordable rate and on discount also. Users like to use this software for its four main features such as

  • Bulk email sending
  • Mailing lists management
  • Email address verification
  • Email address search
  • Automatic contact extraction

What it done for the users?

This software helps users in their business by

  • Searching for new contacts within user’s target audience
  • Segments and maintains the customer bases automatically
  • Creates newsletters and corporate email templates
  • Monitors subscriber and buyer activity
  • Saves time and money

Why use Atomic Email Studio?

This software program offers much functionality to meet the email marketing requirements of the customers. This software is easy to install, maintain and use and this is one of the reasons why this software gains more popularity. In general, to perform these tasks one has to download and install a number of programs. But, with Atomic Email Studio users have to download only one file and install one application and they will have everything they need to develop their business online.

This software is one of the best programs for email marketing, providing the user an easy way to work with all they want together. Users can purchase a Studio license to use all the 9 email marketing tools in this software. Thus spending less amount it offers extensive features to the users.


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