Best Android Device Apps For Tracking.

You can take a deep breath and stay calm if your phone is missing. You just have to download a tracking app for your android phones and take a sigh of relief. Here are few anti theft apps that can help getting your device back and even protects your personal data.

  1. Where’s my droid

This app is totally free and helps in locating your missing phone. If your phone goes missing, this app will send a code via text, which will make your phone ring even if your phone is set to the silent profile. And other text codes are sent to you that are the GPS coordinates of your mobile phone.

  1. Plan B

This app is really a life saver for those users who has not installed any tracking apps before their mobiles were stolen or misplaced. This app helps in locating your phones from lookout labs. This locates position of the cell phones through GPS and cell towers and sends the position of your phone to your Gmail.

  1. Android lost free

This app not only finds the location of your phone but it will also distress the thief which they certainly deserve .You can activate alarm via the web or SMS which will ring and flashlight on the screen disables and enables the GPS, WI-Fi connection and data, remote wipe their SD cards and will also get their latest call list.

  1. Seek droid lite

This has everything a phone needs for its security SMS activation, remote lock and wipe, hide from view mode, GPS-enabling and feature ring alert even in silent mode. You can also retrieve the latest call list. It also works without SIM card. It has the best features of locating phones which tracks down your mobile phone with a map history.

  1. Anti droid theft

This app helps locating your phone through GPS and also track down the changes made to the SIM card. You can view the images on the web that has been taken from your Smartphone.

  1. Cerberus

It has all the tracking features such as tracking via GPS, distant lock of the phone, remote alarm trigger, remote wipe of the SD card as well as the internal storage and alerts on the SIM change. It has two versions permanent and free. The free version will last for weeks and with the Pro version you can use up to 4 devices under the same account.

  1. Prey anti-theft

Install it before your Smartphone gets misplaced. Activate the prey with the words “GO PREY” via SMS and then sign via the web into control panel to mark your Smartphone as missing. This app is a hidden app and it can only be deleted with a password.


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