Big Changes to Your iOS with the iOS 11

On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Apple Inc will release iOS 11 to the world. This software platform is slated to be the world’s leading mobile OS, powering your iPhone and enhancing its features more than ever before. It is also designed to upgrade the performance of your iPad, with a wide selection of games, mobile apps and interactive entertainment. Apple is aiming for higher levels of engagement, interactivity and artificial intelligence communication than ever before.

iPads are powerful communication devices, geared towards maximum entertainment, education and work potential. iOS 11 will make it possible to complete more tasks, more quickly, powering iPads for personal and business usage. Apple has included a brand-new files app that merges all files, allowing for quick organization, browsing and search functionality. All recent files can easily be managed with iOS 11. One of the biggest changes in iPad technology comes in the form of the brand new Dock. Apps can instantly be opened/closed at the swipe of a finger, and full customization is available.


Users will be well pleased with the multitasking capabilities of iOS 11, since it is infinitely more intuitive. Apps can be opened in the split view and the slide over section, and thanks to an app switcher, you can easily navigate to your preferred app spaces. Messaging is also enhanced with the iOS 11, with drag-and-drop functionality. Music files, video files, text and images can be moved from one location to another by simply touching and moving. Apple went a step further with the Apple Pencil. Now it is even easier to creatively complete tasks and take notes on screen. Written content can be added as an overlay to images and then transmitted to third parties, or saved.

Apple Pencil, Peer-to-Peer Payments & More!

Perhaps the most innovative writing feature yet is the instant mark-up on PDFs and screenshots. The Apple Pencil makes it easy to start writing on your screen. Thanks to Apple’s Instant Notes technology, you can lock your screen, take notes and save everything in the notes app. Other features like Scan and in line drawing are also available. iOS 11 has a brand-new Dock geared towards multitasking, rapid execution of tasks, and full multimedia-rich functionality. The augmented reality apps are fully immersive and realistic. It is now possible to test out things like home design, car design, artwork, living in a bygone era, and so much more by simply using AR technology on the iOS 11 platform


iPad and iPhone devices will have many more functions and features available. In the fall of 2017, Apple Pay will be available on iOS 11. This payments processing option is fast gaining traction as the go-to payment method. Person-to-person payments and Apple Pay cash options are available. iOS 11 also allows for enhanced photo functionality with features like looping, bouncing and long exposure. Additional filters will be available on the iPad and iPhone cameras, to make it possible to take portrait photos, blend skin tones, and use compression technology to create high-quality images at a fraction of the file size.

The App Store will also feature a myriad of new apps, notably a dedicated games tab where you can enjoy world-class slots games, card games, puzzle games, adventure games and more. This innovation will boost the audio-visual prowess of gameplay, by combining Apple’s world-class technology with that of software game developers around the world. Both iPhone and iPad devices will enjoy maximum functionality, greater levels of immersion, and sharper functionality than ever before. iOS 11 will also include multiple iPhone features exclusive to iPhone X. one of them is portrait lighting which is now added to the portrait mode.

Get Ready for Major Enhancements on iOS 11

This major upgrade for Apple will transform your iPad and iPhone devices in a big way. Multitasking functionality is the main innovation apparent on the iOS 11 platform. A control center reorganization function and peer-to-peer money transfers are available. Another big change is the AR (augmented reality) innovation, and this is evident in a much smarter and more responsive Siri.


In terms of overall features and functionality, the biggest change is the new Dock. This multitasking menu is displayed in a grid -like fashion and it allows you to open up multiple windows and switch between apps at will. Nowadays, people are downloading an ever-increasing number of apps on to their devices, many of which cannot handle the increased load.

The iOS 11 platform puts that issue to bed. Drag-and-drop functions are significantly improved, thanks to the split screen functionality. A futuristic virtual reality is now available in the palm of your hand, and tech gurus, gamers, and computer savvy folks will be chomping at the bit with iOS 11. While you’re playing your favourite games, you will be thoroughly impressed with the iOS 11 new speaker. It’s crisper, louder and more digital sounding than ever before. It’s all systems go for iOS 11!


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