Using Social Media to Boost Your Business and Help Customers Live Well.

Social media profiles are essential for most of today’s established businesses. Sometimes, a social media profile is the first point of contact a new customer has with a company, and the information he or she finds within could greatly influence whether the person ultimately becomes loyal to a brand. However, social media activity isn’t just about growing your target audience, or at least it shouldn’t be only limited to that. Your social media presence could also serve as a good influence by encouraging people to take care of themselves.
Avoid Posting Things That Could Be Misinterpreted

Whether you’ve just posted a link to a blog post on your social media page or want to get customer feedback about images of potential new product packaging, be careful not to post things that could be taken the wrong ways. Strive to communicate clearly and always respond quickly if people make comments that indicate they may have misinterpreted what you meant.

Social media posts that are misunderstood might damage your company’s reputation, and could have negative effects on your customers’ health, especially mentally and emotionally. That’s why it’s so important to be as straightforward as possible

The world of social media is filled with information, and a large percentage of it is far from uplifting. In addition to carefully checking each social media post for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and ambiguity, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of posting things that make people feel good or at least give them access to helpful information.

Live Out What’s Reflected on Social Media

Customers aren’t as likely to identify with what’s published on social media if it doesn’t seem to be an accurate reflection of the things that go on within your company. For example, if you’re a food company and have just posted a blog about how people can avoid eating junk food, then announce your business is the newest sponsor of a fast food restaurant, your target audience will likely feel doubtful about your healthy living claims.

Maybe your company is not in a position to strongly come out in favor of a healthy lifestyle yet, but you still want to do your part to encourage people to live well. In that case, you could consider making social media posts that explain how upholding a healthy lifestyle isn’t something people can do overnight. Instead, they have to gradually make changes in order for those new habits to stick.

Then, take the next step by publishing healthy tips on social media that anyone can try, regardless of their current lifestyles. Everyone has to start somewhere, and your business may encourage some people to take their first steps towards better ways of living.

Help Customers Find Meaningful Content

Social media can be a very positive resource for people who want to improve their lifestyles, but it may also have a negative effect. Individuals might spend hours scrolling through content, trying to find things that support their lifestyle efforts, but end up reading things that make them have poor perspectives about body image and ultimately make them feel like even making the effort of improving a lifestyle is hopeless.

You can be a useful presence across social media by making it easy for people to access content that matters to them. The social media pages managed by Hampton Creek are a great example of how to do that well. The company’s goal is to make it simple for people to eat healthily. That aim is highlighted on social media through recipes explained on the brand’s YouTube channel, plus the hamptoncreek Instagram feed, which is filled with tasteful pictures of tasty foods that are sure to make your mouth water.

By visiting the company’s social media sites, customers not only get ideas for how to maintain or begin healthy diets, but can easily access resources that help them make good on their goals. Even if your business doesn’t have its own content that supports healthy living, it’s worthwhile to seek out beneficial links you can include throughout social media content. Customers will likely appreciate how you’ve taken the time to not just suggest that healthy living is a good thing, but give them tools to achieve better lifestyles.

These tips should strengthen your business while also encouraging people to get and stay healthy. When you put them into practice, customers should develop favorable perceptions of your company, regardless of its industry.


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