Business Tips – Advantages of Using Online Time Tracking Software

In house management can be difficult for many enterprises, regardless of profile. There are certain tasks that might not seem relevant at first glance but still need to be handled accordingly, in order for any other business operation to run smoothly. Responsibilities such as time tracking, booking holidays for each employee or capturing expenses can be quite time consuming if done in the traditional way, not to mention that making mistakes in this department can lead to many inconveniences. However, nowadays, you have the possibility of making numerous routine tasks easier and timelier if you choose to use the right type of software product. One option that has gained popularity among numerous enterprises is an online time tracking system. What can a software product of this kind offer, and why is it worth investing in it? Read the following details and you will find out:

Time-off booking accuracy

Each employee has the right to a specific period of vacation or holiday. However, monitoring each person’s accrued time off in an accurate manner can be difficult, especially if your company holds a large number of employees. With the right system at your disposal, such as Timesheet Portal, you will have the chance of using online timesheets, and handle calculations more effectively and accurately. This will also mean that your payroll administrators will no longer have to deal with the manual tracking of each employee’s time-off booking.


With shared holiday calendars available to access by anyone working at your company, when it comes to taking time off, a higher level of transparency will be provided. Perhaps your business does not afford having too many employees on vacation at the same time, or there have been situations when the holiday allowance of a team member has caused inconveniences for a certain department. Giving people the chance to keep track of everyone’s availability at all times can come in handy in several situations and can prevent unpleasant issues from appearing. Whether it’s a sick day, a maternity leave or an annual leave, each person working at your enterprise will know about the other’s working status. The increased transparency and visibility will come as strong advantages for any business.

Fewer unplanned absences

Because the time-off booking system you will be using will be more transparent and organized, unplanned absences will most likely start to decrease in number. Your employees will start being more organized in this department, having the chance to visualize just how much of their leave they have left and planning accordingly. This detail can be of great use in terms of in-house productivity.

Tracking of overtime work

Perhaps some of your employees are spending more time at the office, handling certain projects and according to many business policies, the extra hours spent working need to either be paid or compensated through extended time-off. Well, without any program to accurately and effectively track extra hours, many confusions can arise. With a cloud based time tracking software product, overtime work and be tracked reliably.

Employee satisfaction

In most big companies, occasionally, issues such as missing out on a leave day or not being paid for working overtime can happen due to in-house organizational mistakes. This will of course lead to employee complaints. Because at the base of any great business stand happy employees, taking means of action in this department is necessary. With a time tracking system, everything will be calculated perfectly, and employee satisfaction will automatically increase.

Meeting project deadlines

An inefficient method of organising a project, of assigning tasks, scheduling each project stage and keeping track of its development means you can often surpass deadlines. With this type of tool, you will benefit from accountability and visibility, and you can easily find out if the team in charge of the project needs to work at a faster pace. So, meeting project deadlines will seem far more accessible, and when your business is always on track, productivity will automatically increase.

Report hours for compliance

Some business are required to report working hours for compliance purposes, so if you enterprise functions in an industry of this kind, the amount of time and effort you need to put into this task can be quite overwhelming at the end of the month. If your employees are using an effective time tracking tool, on the other hand, running reports will be incredibly simplified. No more stress revolving around this reasonability, because compliance can be done even in a few minutes, which is certainly an appealing plus.

How to choose the best option

If these benefits are strong enough to determine you to adopt this time tracking method yourself, the next sept you will need to take is actually find a software option that excels in all departments. Because the variety of options the market holds can be an extensive one, you will need to do a bit of research before making a selection. Always go with the online option, a cloud based software product, when it comes to timesheets and time tracking, because the downloading, installation and maintenance of an actual software product might not exactly be something you want to deal with. Also, find out if the option you have your eye on actually contains all the features you are interested in. You can search online for reviews or testimonials from other businesses, to see if those who have chosen that particular cloud based system have been completely pleased with the support received.

Managing certain business responsibilities can be overwhelming often, and any solution that can simplify your job is certainly worth considering. Just as you can see from the above stated information, the usage of an online time tracking portal can bring your enterprise a wide list of advantages, all of them equally appealing. Regardless of your domain of practice, having at your disposal a system of this kind can be extremely useful, so give this topic more thought and after you start using a timesheet program, you will be glad you have made this decision.