Using Google and Bing? Try these Instead

Congratulations on finding this article. Now that you're here, you can take the blue pill and go on using the top two search engines that mine your data, target you with ads, censor your results, sell your profile to third parties, and are run by corporations that have been convicted of violating antitrust laws. Or you can take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes… into a side of the web you never knew existed! DuckDuckGo This is one search engine where your data is safe. DuckDuckGo collects no data from its users. It's a meta-search...

Everything You Should Know About Usability Testing

This fantastic guide is divided into five parts. Check the categories below. The primary info about usability testing Methods of usability testing How to start your usability testing How to make usability testing part of the designing process Parting terms The Primary Info about Usability Testing Usability is the activity carried to test the effectiveness, satisfaction, and efficiency of a particular product. Your product should be pretty and also attractive to be used by a large number of people. If your people experience some difficulties when using your product, you face a lot of losses and problems in your business....

The Best Apps for the Future of Mobile Spending

Mobile phone apps have become a popular way to pay for purchases in retail stores, pay friends and family directly, and make payments in other apps. There are many apps to choose from, and every app has its own benefits and limitations, but some have more than others. Mobile spending apps are slowly becoming a preferred method of payment, but there are some drawbacks that come with this. For example, a new study has showed that tracking of mobile payments is low, with over a third of people in the UK not tracking spending at all. Still, mobile apps provide...

Cost of Living in Houston

Houston is one of the very best cities to live and work in. That's mostly because of the excellent living conditions and the work environment. Economically speaking, Texas is one of the states that have avoided a downward spiral in its economy. The economy there has been steadily growing for the last couple of years all because of the business environment the local government has put in place. Because of these favorable conditions for doing business, more and more businesses are moving to Texas. This means that there is also an equivalent influx of people from outside, settling in the...

Starting Your Own Business: Hopping on the CBD Train

Owning a franchise, capitalizing on mom's recipes or inventing a unique item are great ideas for new businesses. The challenge is taking those ideas and successfully bringing them to the public. A product that's gaining a lot of attention today is CBD or cannabidiol. This chemical comes from cannabis or marijuana. If you're interested in the business side to CBD, take a look at the opportunities that might greet you down this pathway. Understanding CBD's Difference Before you look at a business in the cannabis industry, it's important to know the finer details. CBD isn't a drug designed for the...
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