The 5 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Company’s Security

Whether you have your own experts or need to consult an IT firm, we’ve got you covered with the 5 tips to ward off hackers Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are threatened with cybersecurity breaches. Hackers are more vigilant and are able to exploit even the smallest gap in your cybersecurity arsenal. You may be considering a complete revamp of your firewall and other security measures. If you are confused about which cybersecurity tools your business needs, it is best to consult an IT firm for help.  With so many individuals working from home, many businesses are...

The danger of zero-day attacks, and how to defend against them.

All software has flaws. In some cases, these flaws go beyond minor bugs and become full-on vulnerabilities. This refers to flaws which can be exploited by an attacker in a way that can be harmful to users. The good news is that, in many cases, these vulnerabilities are plugged before you even hear about them. Developers and software companies are frequently warned about potential software holes, which they can then rectify before they have the chance to affect users. So long as users keep their systems updated, they should be protected from the majority of disclosed vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, zero-day vulnerabilities...

FastestVPN Review

There are well over two-dozen VPN services in the market, and each claiming to be the best. There’s a well-known list of top VPN services that have established themselves as the best in the business. Customers usually rotate their preferences between these options, because frankly, new VPNs can’t quite keep up with the quality, reliability, and the number of features these established VPN services have to offer. Which is why FastestVPN caught our attention. Emerging just last year in the VPN space, this VPN service has amassed a strong number of positive reviews. FastestVPN Features: 150+ servers worldwide P2P-optimized servers...

Why Your Business Needs Military-Grade Cybersecurity

Malware, trojans, and ransomware attacks get smarter every year. You’re at risk no matter what type of business you run because hackers don’t discriminate. In 2016, for example, 61% of all data breaches hit small businesses. Having a strong cybersecurity plan in action is no longer an option; your organization won’t survive long without it. According to the Ponemon Institute, only 25% of organizations are confident in their abilities to effectively deal with cybersecurity attacks. The report reveals a concerning trend: threat detection budgets are expected to increase in the coming year, but preventive security spending will drop from 31%-18%....

The Critical Role SSL Plays In Generating Qualified Traffic

Ecommerce websites have always made up the majority of websites using SSL to protect their customers' data. Today, that protection is being adopted by many non-ecommerce website owners, even bloggers. SSL encrypts the data customers enter on a website, like credit card information and personal details. Google also ranks SSL enabled websites higher in the search results, making SSL an essential component of search engine optimization. Without SSL your flow of traffic is at risk SSL certificates have been branded as a method for securing credit card information, so visitors aren't usually concerned about their presence if they aren't making...
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