More Than A Firewall: Advanced Security For Business

Best practices in business security have been rapidly evolving in recent years, making it hard for IT professionals to keep up. In general, though, the issue is that business security needs to be multimodal – no single practice is enough to protect company and client data. Instead of focusing on a single security method, a combination of these 5 practices, from old-school to AI, offers your business the best hope of withstanding hackers, phishing, and the countless other threats on the horizon. It may seem excessive, but threats come in all shapes and sizes and your security tactics should too....

Protecting Yourself from Ransomware.

No longer do we live in a place in which attacks only come from the real world. Instead, there is a different type of threat that is affecting many people and companies. A danger that can leave you vulnerable to losing personal information, bank accounts and anything important to you if you are not adequately protected. The threat is ransomware. Ransomware is a type of cyber threat in which cyber thieves hold your computer hostage until you pay for your system to be restored. A type of software called malware takes over your computer. The result is you being denied...

What is Single Sign On and How Does It Work?

Single sign on, or SSO authentication is essentially an online identification arrangement that lets websites use other, trusted websites verify users. In other words, the website doesn’t check a user’s identity by itself. It would seek help from trusted websites such as Microsoft, LinkedIn or Google to do the verification. If these third-party sites give the user the green signal, the particular website would trust that blindly and take the user on-board. Working Mechanism Generally, when logging into a system or website, the service provider or website would authenticate the user by itself. A website presenting you a login screen...

Four Ways to Protect your Credit while Shopping Online

“Content provided by Lexington Law professionals" Cyberattacks are at an all-time high. In 2016, the occurrence of data breaches increased by 40 percent from the previous year, hitting a record-breaking 1,093 reported breaches.With online shopping at its peak, so too is the amount of personal information being hosted online. Cyber criminals know it, and they are constantly looking for ways to get their hands on the wealth of personal data being provided by unsuspecting online shoppers. If they get their hands on yours, it could spell disaster in terms of the negative impact on your credit score. That does not mean you should...

The Threat Ahead: Ransomware Predictions For 2018

For years, phishing attacks and malware were remarkably obvious. Maybe it was an email from a Nigerian prince or a prize you hadn’t entered to win. Occasionally, such attacks snuck through the back door of a downloaded file or illegitimate website, but that’s about as complicated as cyberattacks got. But recently, things have gotten sneakier. Ransomware attacks are on the rise and experts expect things to get worse in 2018. What can businesses do to reduce the threat ransomware poses to your company’s data? Start by looking closely at how ransomware attacks were leveraged in 2017. Ransomware As Service Perhaps...
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