Find The Perfect Cloud Storage Service For Your Small Business

Explore 5 different cloud storage services and examine the advantages and disadvantages. Image courtesy of Pexels. Cloud based storage services are becoming more common as cloud storage becomes increasingly cheaper and easier to manage. With the recent popularity of cloud storage, this means there are now so many more options available to choose from. The amount of options may make your choice overwhelming, so we are here to help. First, we’ll discuss a little bit about how cloud storage works and ways your small business can benefit. Then, we’ll get into the specs of each service to determine the perfect...

Perks of Reading Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a break or make affair for any business offering services or products to customers with an online presence. Customers tend to give honesty reviews based on their experience dealing with the service or product sellers. These reviews are shared with potential customers, so practically they will make their judgment based on online reviews before engagement. Previous experience with customers is valuable because many people won't risk using a service with negative reviews, although we don't expect every experience to elicit a positive review from customers, majority of positive reviews tells a lot about your service and...

Using Google and Bing? Try these Instead

Congratulations on finding this article. Now that you're here, you can take the blue pill and go on using the top two search engines that mine your data, target you with ads, censor your results, sell your profile to third parties, and are run by corporations that have been convicted of violating antitrust laws. Or you can take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes… into a side of the web you never knew existed! DuckDuckGo This is one search engine where your data is safe. DuckDuckGo collects no data from its users. It's a meta-search...

Everything You Should Know About Usability Testing

This fantastic guide is divided into five parts. Check the categories below. The primary info about usability testing Methods of usability testing How to start your usability testing How to make usability testing part of the designing process Parting terms The Primary Info about Usability Testing Usability is the activity carried to test the effectiveness, satisfaction, and efficiency of a particular product. Your product should be pretty and also attractive to be used by a large number of people. If your people experience some difficulties when using your product, you face a lot of losses and problems in your business....

FastestVPN Review

There are well over two-dozen VPN services in the market, and each claiming to be the best. There’s a well-known list of top VPN services that have established themselves as the best in the business. Customers usually rotate their preferences between these options, because frankly, new VPNs can’t quite keep up with the quality, reliability, and the number of features these established VPN services have to offer. Which is why FastestVPN caught our attention. Emerging just last year in the VPN space, this VPN service has amassed a strong number of positive reviews. FastestVPN Features: 150+ servers worldwide P2P-optimized servers...
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