How Varnish Cache make Cloud Hosted Websites Blazing Fast.

If your website makes people wait to load or process requests, you tend lose business from potential customers and at the same time, stand a chance to lose out on valuable search engine visibility. This is because website speed is an important ranking factor for all top search engines like Google and Bing. About 50% of the internet users expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 4 seconds (Source). And if you have an eCommerce website, approximately 44% of online shoppers confess that they get anxious...

Features Of Wix Answers That Make Everyone Love It.

Introduction Wix Answers is an absolutely free to use customer service software that is equipped with a ticketing system, knowledge base, call center and many more features. It is a free help desk software that is easy to use, and comes with great tools that can easily assist your business as well as your customers, and further generate great ROI for your organization. You can set up the software in a few steps without the need for any external assistance. The following review will help you to evaluate the benefits of Wix Answers, as well the features associated with it....

5 IoT Trends to Watch for in 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ever growing network of computers and other devices that connect to the internet. These include smartphones, wearables, industrial internet, home security systems, and any other device that has an IP address, and connects to the internet. Think of it as a second internet. Although many great strides have been made made in IoT technology, as a whole, IoT is still in its infancy, and the overall ability of devices to communicate with one another is very fragmented due to many different companies and manufacturers and machine languages. However, demand for a more connected...
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13 Must follow tips for creating SEO-friendly URLs

A URL, in general, refers to a web address, but that’s not the same for everyone. According to online marketers, an URL is the most important part of marketing their products across. An URL carries a lot of communication in it. It communicates information such as domain name, article name, product name, date of the post and category. Through the URL search engine reads the information and evaluates the content. Through which the URL optimization occurs. Search engines and the readers get attracted to an URL that is mostly short and brief, an URL must be structured in a way...
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