Cloud Services for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

In recent years, cloud based services have been on the rise. Consumers are beginning to expect easily-accessible cloud features from nearly every service. If you are an independent software vendor, you should note that the vast majority of your competitors are choosing cloud delivery services over traditional means. Fortunately, many of these systems offer hassle-free integration and a network of support services to help you get started.

Gain Access to Powerful Resources

Traditional software programs involved expensive upfront costs, and you would have to pay extra for each added feature or application. With scaled subscription levels, you can gain access to comparable cloud resources for a fraction of the cost. You will get the benefit of resources like tiered data storage, security features and even data analysis tools. Additionally, many systems can deliver tax ready documents and reports on company health.

Improved Cloud Systems

In the past, cloud systems were not frequently used, but thanks to recent technological advancements, these storage and management systems surpass their more traditional predecessors. Companies offering cloud services take important measures to safeguard against unplanned system crashes, data loss, decreased performance and regulatory noncompliance. In fact, data centers often have a system of back-up generators to keep information safe during power outages.

Don’t Loose Sleep Over Security

Cyber security is a growing concern among consumers, businesses and government agencies alike. For this reason, cloud systems are focusing many resources on improving security measures and offering a range of workable solutions to clients. For example, firewalls and data encryption are fast becoming cloud security staples. However, cloud companies are also starting to provide data leak protection, packet capture, role-based access and network address translation features with certain subscription packages.

Take Advantage of Infrastructure Support

For independent software vendors, retaining an IT specialist for the sake of system maintenance can be an expensive endeavor. Unfortunately, this used to be absolutely necessary for the sake of smooth daily operations. With cloud services, ISVs are able to outsource the updating and troubleshooting responsibilities to the cloud provider. In fact, some companies offer 24-hour customer support with their cloud subscription packages and services.

These days, ISVs must offer cloud service to remain competitive in the changing market. With recent advances in cloud technology, ISVs no longer have to worry about cyber threats or leaked data. In many cases, moving to a cloud-based system can unclog data channels and allow for more responsive market actions.


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