Complete a Personal SEO Audit with This Checklist.

Completing your own SEO audit may seem like a daunting task at first. But if you have a handy dandy checklist available, it’s going to be a lot easier to accomplish than you might think.

If you’re fast enough, this simple SEO audit could take a mere five minutes to complete. On the longer side, it may take as much as 10 to 15 minutes in total. Just know this audit is quick, easy, convenient, and simple to complete in just a few short minutes.

So keep your domain name, brand-name, and location handy for this exercise.

Traffic Overview Audit

First, we’ll begin with a website traffic overview audit. Start out by going to and search the root domain of your website or any website you plan to analyze.

At this stage, the software will give you a graphic of PPC and organic traffic, the top five competitors, and the website’s top five keywords. There will be a pie chart also showing where the traffic comes from.

SEO Checklist helps you discover the search volume, whether traffic is increasing or decreasing, the positions of the top organic keywords, competing sites, where your domain ranks, and more. Use this tool to see how you can increase your website’s traffic. According to, a website teaching users about Retrace vs New Relic, reviewing website traffic stats is the first step for all SEO audits.

Technical SEO Audit

Next, it’s time to audit technical factors pertaining to your website. This part of the audit is important to help get your technical SEO right.

Some things to consider include: does your site have a robots.txt file, does the robots.txt file block content that it shouldn’t, is the file being used correctly or incorrectly, does it have information site hackers could potentially exploit.


After running through this checklist, you can go to the Moz SEO toolbar, check the source code, and discover if pages are using canonical tags.

Website Content Audit

Getting your website content right is incredibly important for search engine optimization. If you make serious mistakes your SEO and website rankings will suffer.

Some things to consider include:

  • Does your website navigation make sense?
  • Do you have unique keywords in your links?
  • Is your website content engaging?
  • Do you share social media links on your website?
  • Is it easy to share your website content on social media sites?
  • Do you have authority outbound links scattered throughout your content?
  •    Is the overall user experience satisfactory on your website?
  • Does your website contain terms of service, privacy policy, contact, and about pages?

Ask yourself all questions mentioned above during your content audit. Take time to check on all of these areas. If certain factors need to improve, take the steps necessary to fix them to provide a better user experience, which in turn will improve your overall website SEO.

General Appearance Website Audit

At this point, you’re looking to audit your website’s overall general appearance. So start out by visiting your homepage and consider the following checklist:

  • Use Moz SEO toolbar to check the title and description of your site. Are they keyword optimized? Are they style optimized?
  • Do you have an H1 tag containing unique keywords supporting the page title?
  • Look at the image alt tags using the web developer tool.
  • Do you see any cloaked text when you turn off CSS using the web developer tool?


This quick SEO audit can easily be completed in a matter of minutes. Use this checklist to look over your website and make changes to improve your overall SERP rankings to gain more traffic and higher quality visitors from Google and other search engines.


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