Control Client PCs with Remote Desktop Session in a Browser.

A remote desktop sharing session allows you to access any other computer or machine with the help of an active internet connection. You can gain access to the files and documents in the computer. The standard procedure to establish a remote connection is by installing any remote desktop software at both ends (client end as well as the host end). The connection is secured with the help of a password or code, which the host sends to the client. When the client will enter the correct details like id and password, then the connection is finally established.

One of the most popular and quality remote login software is Follow the simple steps to establish a secured connection with the client computer.

  1. Installing the remote desktop software

    Visit the homepage of the software. Click on share. Save the executable file on your computer and install the application. After installation, you will notice a small widget on your desktop. This is the widget which will give you a unique URL. Copy this and send it to the client. Once the client opens his browser and pastes the same URL, he will be able to view your screen.

  2. Remote Access

    Once the connection is established, you can do all the file sharing you need. You can even access various other image files and documents. This is particularly helpful at times when you have an error on your computer and want your friend to fix it. You can simply allow remote login and this way your friend can gain the first hand experience of your problem. You can chat with the client using the chat feature.

  3. Control Permission

    You can gain the control of your client machine if he/she allows you to do so. With the help of the software, you can send a request. A pop up appears on your client’s screen seeking permission for access. At the same time the client can control your computer as well. This is a two way process and it is your sole discretion to allow anyone else to control your machine.

There are many other remote desktop software available for Windows, Mac platforms. A classic example is Team Viewer. is a web application. Hence the user does not require to download any major file from the net apart from the application. Remote login is a great way to provide technical support to your client computers. It makes data transfer and data access much easier.


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