Create Windows 8 Metro Style Websites With Free Metro UI Templates.

By now everyone must have gone through the looks of Windows 8 Metro style. Metro UI is the only thing that appeals me a lot. There are websites which are window based and are now adopting Metro UI templates for same feel and look like of Windows 8. There are free and paid Metro UI templates available in the market. Fan of Windows 8 is definitely going to like this article.

Metro UI CSS

Developed by Sergey Pimenov is a free framework for responsive websites to create the interface of metro websites rapidly. It is cross browser compatible and uses LESS CSS. This structure is designed in acclimatizing the strategies of Microsoft which embrace 300 icons, layouts, components and typography like that of Windows 8. In the components of Metro UICSS you will be provided by sidebar, live tiles, page controls, navigation, button sets, form controls, carousel, rating, replies and notice, list view and progress bar etc. It’s a complete solution to create websites like Metro styles.

Boot Metro

This template is developed by Aozora for twitter bootstrap, where users can use templates with bootstrap to get features that are complex that of bootstrap. You can also change the appearance of your website like that of Windows 8. Boot metro has more advanced features like metro style progress bars, metro layouts; pivot and panorama flip view, ring, and toast notification, metro styled date picker, determined and intermediate. Boot Metro also supports touch screen using nice scroll.

Metro Bootstrap

This app is similar app like Boot metro and similarly uses LESS style. The main components of Metro Bootstrap is navigation, tiles, popovers, thumbnails, alert and badges etc. These components will give your website similar look like Windows 8

Metro utility by Thomas

This template is developed by Thomas and is an amazing Metro UI framework template for creating websites like Windows 8 in minutes. It has components like, animations, slideshows and live tiles. This template is great as it has inbuilt compressing system that loads website rapidly.

The template has unique features that benefit the mobile users as it automatically detects the medium whether a mobile or PC and adjusts itself. It also offers few themes for your website .This template is not free.

Metro UI HTML template

This template is designed by TechGyo which is clean and simple for creating Metro style websites, portfolio, business sites, personal sites and presentation etc..This template is created using HTML, animation library which is known as GSAP and jquery. This template offers six colorful buttons and every load page without reloading the site. It is easy to customize, compatible with cross browser.

These are some of the templates which you can download to get a metro look of Windows 8 to your website and make your website look great.


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