Don’t let Lack of Resources Hamper your Project.

All over the world, employers face a conundrum. They need a high quality, full trained engineer to provide input on various aspects of a job, but they don’t have the funds to put on staff in a full-time capacity. provides the solution. They pair field engineers with employers contract based engineers. For many employers, this has proven to be the answer to one of their biggest employment headaches.

The Biggest Benefits of Contract-Based Engineers

Between providing network maintenance and trying to put together a properly skilled team of skilled labor, it’s difficult for a business to keep a project on time and under budget. The average field engineer expects a salary of approximately $60,000 which includes benefits. knows that the high salary simply isn’t feasible for all projects, particularly small programs that are on a painfully tight budget. They’ve created a program that pairs field engineers with employers that works for all parties. The engineers are contract-based and only work when their skills are required. This allows your company to save more than 30% of the cost of a full-time engineer, plus you only pay the contract-based engineer when they’re actually working, which means you’re not paying a salary during the times when engineers are in stand-by mode.

 Access to contract based engineers also spares the company from costly delays. Since they’ve already connected with an engineer that’s familiar with the project, they simply reestablish communication with the same engineer should an unforeseen problem arise. This saves the company the time and hassle of having to find and hire another engineer. The only other alternative is to keep an engineer on the job site at all time and pay them a full price salary while they’re essentially standing around waiting for something to happen that requires their services. Not having to worry about paying an engineer for non-productive periods significantly decreases your overhead and also maximizes overall efficiency.

Simplifying the Hiring Process created a platform that simplified the entire hiring process. Essentially, all you have to do is shift through the available engineers until you find a few that would work well with your unique job site.  To make this easier, the company has set things up so that you can review each engineers experience, education, and even reviews written by previous employers. created an easy to use cloud-based platform that enables contractor and potential employers to communicate freely. Once a contractor agrees to provide the work an employer needs, tax-forms, contacts, and payments are handled via the cloud platform.

 It’s not uncommon for a business to delve into a project and put together a staff that includes full time engineers only to find that they don’t have enough, that the engineers aren’t going to work out, or to have an engineer become ill or hurt in the middle of a project. All of these issues mean delays, during which time the project bleeds money. is set up so the engineering holes quickly become shored up and the project continues without a hitch.

Explore and learn more about how this wonderful and unique program makes finding qualified employees easy.


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