Don’t Panic When Your Laptop Is Stolen, Follow These Tips Instead.

Unfortunately, laptops are stolen every few seconds. With a little preparation, you can circumvent the ill effects of loosing your laptop. The most important thing to do is keep a level head if your computer is goes missing. After that, follow these tips for what to do when your laptop is stolen and how to prevent any loss of information.

 Change Every Password

If your laptop goes missing, your first instinct might be to mourn your lost photos and creative works, but try to hold off on that until you change your passwords. Especially if you’ve set your computer to memorize any passwords for emails and bank accounts, you want to protect your information from ill-meaning individuals. In the future, consider storing passwords in an encrypted application.

Try Computer Tracking Applications

There are quite a few laptop tracking applications available and some offer free services. However, many do require a subscription that varies in price according to how many laptops you’re covering. If you use your computer to store sensitive information or intellectual property, it may be worth it to get this service as part of your computer insurance package.

Use Cloud Backup Services

When you loose your physical electronics, cloud backup services can help you pick up exactly where you left off. These services will keep track of when you modify files, and all you have to do is install the software. Depending on what type of cloud service you need, you can select generic free options to more tailored subscription systems.

Remember that, in most cases, prevention is the best way to deal with a stolen laptop. However, the unpredictable happens and when it does, it’s important to remain calm. With the advents of new technologies, finding your computer and backing up your information aren’t as challenging as in years past. Keep these tips in mind if you ever find yourself in a pinch.


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