Facebook Quizzes – What Is Fun about Them and What Should You Know?

Quizzing can be referred to questioning which is done informally. This questioning can be done to anyone irrespective of age, provided the type of questions asked should be based on the age of the participant. For instance, if you start quizzing a small child with a question related to an adolescent or adult, it is foolish and a waste of time. You get all sorts of rubbish as answers.

Usually, quizzes are of many types namely:

Multiple choice questions – where a question is given with multiple options as answers. The participant has to choose any one of the answered.

True or false – where a statement is given, and participant is asked to judge whether the statement is true or false

Fill in the blanks– where a statement is given with a word missing in it, and the participant is asked to fill that particular blank.

Matching – where two types of information are provided and the participant is asked to match the related information or objects.

Well, those were quizzes used in most situations related to children. Multiple choice questions type of quizzes is used in the general testing knowledge of participants in various competitions. Well, you may think what use of Facebook quizzing as Facebook is popular for sharing of information.

Facebook – A popular and user-friendly networking site

Social media is an interactive platform which allows its users to create an account individually and then become a member of a group and interact with the group ‘n’ number of times. The more you interact, the more popular you are. Facebook is one of the most popular and user-friendly applications used in Social media. Once you have created a login account, you can add friends and then the conversation starts. Do you know why Facebook has become so popular? Facebook is social media network created by a common man to communicate with a group of common people for a common purpose of sharing information easily. The Facebook network is so popular that even a grandmother has a Facebook account to interact with her grandchildren. Anything and everything can be shared on this network provided it is not creating any problem to any of the users. Being so interactive, Facebook is very useful in marketing a brand or product/services. Details can be shared very fast.

Use of Facebook quizzes

Facebook quizzes are created to keep the interaction continuous and engage them while maintaining the interest of all the users, so they are active in the group. So when any brand or product has to be promoted, a suggestion is that it can be publicized in the group. A personality quiz can be organized, and the users are invited to participate in this quiz. This will create a debating atmosphere in the group, and the ideas or comments got are summarized, and this information is considered while planning to launch a new product or services.

Some ideas are received which helps the promoter to improve the business. By creating a poll or survey type of Facebook quizzes, you get some options, which helps in deciding how many participants are in favor and how many are not? The participants in favor of the brand will discuss the brand or product with other group and this itself becomes a promotional activity.

When Facebook quizzes consist of knowledge-based questions than the product details can be promoted very quickly. As a Facebook user, if you are planning to create Facebook quizzes, the Facebook application helps you in creating a quiz for you, but advice to you is that check thoroughly before you land up in anything.

Answer the question “Facebook quizzing – is it necessary?” Whatever answer you get will the foundation for you to create success. Any positive response from your potential users may make them your customers any moment.

But entirely relying on poll and survey results got through Facebook quizzing is a little bit risky. The reason may be due to the following situations:

  • Not all the users have participated.
  • Survey results are the personal opinions of the users. The main success can be achieved when the actual product comes into the market, and it is tried by the users.
  • Survey results just guide you to judge what is expected from your product or brand. It is not the ultimate result.
  • Facebook even though popular is an interaction within the small group. To promote your product, you need to be very patient and keep changing your strategies to improve the business.

Well if you ask me “is Facebook quizzing necessary” – the answer will be yes. The quizzes help in testing the knowledge of the users. An awareness of new products can be created; the latest updates can be informed. Only if the user is interested he/she will interact else, it is just a plain quiz which is done for entertainment purpose.

Author bio: Chris Richardson has been writing blogs on social media for several years. He is an expert in writing on this subject. Owing to his vast experience and knowledge about this topic, he has come up with this new piece of valuable information on Facebook quizzes.


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