Financial Apps for Investors.

Whether you are a day trader or adhere to the buy-and-hold philosophy, manage your own portfolio or have a money manager, it is important to keep track of what is going on with your investments. Even long-term holdings fluctuate in value because of external or internal factors, and as an investor, you need to keep tabs on the value of your portfolio. There is an app for nearly everything under the sun, and the same is true with investing. You might not need every app presented to you, but a financial app is likely to help maximize the returns on your investments.

News Moves the Markets

You could go to bed one night to find a stock has skyrocketed in value or has been crushed in foreign markets. If you have international holdings, a lot can happen when you are asleep, and you probably check on essential information right before you go to bed and the moment you rise in the morning. The sun never sets on financial markets around the world, so you need an app to keep track of all of the changes.

It may be hard to predict what kind of news is going to move a stock, real estate holding, commodity or currency. A good tool to use is an app that is a news aggregate and provides finance-related headlines relevant to your holdings. Look for an app that gives news updates on a variety of industries and markets. World events such as elections, laborstrikes, and natural disasters can affect your investments. Don’t be caught by surprise, but rather stay current with the help of financial news app.

A new app that addresses these needs is the Fisher investments app on iTunes. The app gathers news and financial headlines, and then offers insightful investment opinions, provided by researchers at the firm.

Data on Your Holdings

Stock charts may change from minute to minute, so make sure you have the latest version of an app that delivers stock charts and currency comparisons at the click of a button. An app can save you hours of research because it can provide charts and news updates on your entire portfolio in one image. You simply need to slide up and down the screen to view the latest information on all of your holdings.

StocksTracker is a highly rated real-time stock app. It streams quotes, and a host of other helpful features. YahooFinance allows you to track individual stocks, or your entire portfolio, and get the latest news on your holdings via a personalized news stream.

The Talk on the Street

Opinion and analysis are essential for evaluating the investments you already have and considering new avenues. Once you have updated data on your investments, take a look at what analysts and other experts have to say about your company, asset class or commodity. You might agree or disagree with the prevailing view, but knowing what analysts expect can be an important factor in anticipating where an investment is going The CNBC app provides your standard stock market info – it’s bonus has the ability to stream video from their popular financial shows. In addition, a financial app can help you reach out to financial advisors and to ask their opinion about investments. It can also facilitate communication with your money manager about decisions he or she has made.

Getting Interactive

Social media is involved in almost every aspect of our lives, from searching for recipes to shopping, job hunting to investing. Many financial apps have a social media component that keeps users current on social media updates regarding their investments. You can also have a direct connection with financial experts in the fields and interact with them regarding unique strategies to grow your wealth.

A financial app can definitely take some of the guesswork out of investing and greatly facilitates research. Instead of jumping from one website to the next, you can have all of the information concerning your portfolio with one click. You can stay current with the portfolio changes your money manager makes and news headlines that might impact your holdings. Stay informed about what analysts and experts have to say about your type of investments and communicate your ideas and concerns with other investors. Aps are an excellent way to track your investments, do research, and join the conversation about your stocks, real estates, commodity, bonds, options and other investments. You no longer need to spend hours in front of the screen to gather information, but can do it all in a few minutes a day.


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