Find Royalty Free Stock Images to Use Legally On Websites.

When you design a website or a blog, you need to enhance it with the use of images and videos etc; with different forms of multimedia. However, with so many copyright laws in the scene, you are unsure where to look for these images. You will be confused and lost in various questions such as: “Are these under copyright protection?”, “Do I have to credit the photographer?” Stock photography websites contain a large database of pictures which can be licensed for specific use. You can purchase a subscription or a single image as per your needs. This article discusses a few ways in which you can get access to royalty free images for your website.

  1. Royalty Free Stock Image Websites

    There are countless number of these websites available on the net. The images on these sites are contributed by students, photographers. It consists of an assortment of various images and the sites keep growing with the contribution of photos from a talented pool of photographers. Here are a few of the Image sites:
    These sites contain over 30 different categories of images. You can purchase a single image or subscribe to a package at very reasonable rates.

  2. Using Creative Commons Search

    A lot of people on the internet want to distribute their work or photographs for free. You do not need to pay a heavy price to get these images. You can get access such communities via the Creative Commons Search tool. Take note that this is not a search engine. It lets you access to services or communities that allow you to use their images for a minimal rate. Such communities feature on Flickr, Vimeo etc. The link to access this amazing service is

  3. Digital *Image Libraries

    These digital libraries allows webmasters, publishers etc. to locate pictures in the digital library and saves them the time, money and effort required for a photo shoot.
    F11Digital is a web based image collection digital library. It allows you to browse through their database and download royalty free images. All the images are in high resolution and in the JPEG format. Hoover Stock Photography is another such library.

Do not look for images in search engines. Instead visit some reputable stock photography website. Here the content is provided by professional photographers and it is trusted. You should also keep in mind the difference between ‘free’ and ‘royalty free’. Make note of the license of the image which you want to use. Always try to quote your photography source. This makes you an ethical publisher.


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