Finding the Right eCommerce Platform.

Ecommerce is one of the top ways that businesses can make money in today’s marketplace. More consumers than ever seem to expect companies to offer online purchasing options. In order to best serve your customer base and build an online presence for your brand, you may be considering an eCommerce site for your business. The following are some of the major eCommerce platforms in the industry.

Woo Commerce

If you have a WordPress site, Woo Commerce is the eCommerce platform you’ll want to utilize. This WordPress plugin is entirely customizable, so you can make the platform work to meet your needs. The plugin is free, you can ship to any location you wish, and you may take advantage of more than 100 payment gateways to accept payments (in addition to having the capacity to accept PayPal, major credit cards, cash on delivery, and bank transfers). You have total control over your store via the Woo Commerce plugin, and your data is secured but still belongs to you.


The Shopify platform makes setup easy for users. It offers safe payment gateways, and its loading speed is fast. This eCommerce site also provides users with SEO capabilities, making optimization simple for those who aren’t technologically advanced. Shopify’s plans range from a monthly rate of just under $10 to over $175. The checkout is not as customizable as the one offered by Woo Commerce, so users may need to compromise in terms of flexibility.


The BigCommerce platform is similar to Shopify. However, BigCommerce provides users with more features that are built in to the platform. It offers a website that is fully functional, unlimited storage, and the ability to add unlimited products. General marketing tools are also included with the service. The monthly cost for using BigCommerce ranges from $30 to $80.


Magento could be a solid choice for big retailers. Security is high on this eCommerce platform, and the service is totally customizable. Users may take multiple currencies, and they can also operate multiple storefronts. Customer segmentation is provided, making it easy for businesses to employ targeted offers. Businesses that use Magento will need to rely on advanced programming techniques, so they might need to hire professionals who can help them do that. A Magento website may cost thousands of dollars, which is one reason that it seems most appropriate for busineses that operate on a large scale.

No matter what type of business you run, integrating it with an eCommerce site is a wise strategy. According to BTown, a web development company, offering online shopping options is one of the many ways to build your brand and reach your customer base. Fortunately, you may select from several ecommerce platforms; one of the top platforms available should match your circumstances.


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