Five Great iPhone Apps for Attorneys.

Today, everyone has their iPhone with them everywhere they go and most are looking to add all kinds of apps. Of course, some of the most popular are gaming, travel, and entertainment; however, many apps are geared toward a certain profession or business. The top five apps for lawyers or just those interested in law include the ones listed below.

Are you a bit confused with a legal term such as a tort? Then you may want to download the Black’s Law Dictionary. This app offers over 43,000 legal terms that are only of interest to law students, attorneys, or in some cases, those that may be in trouble with the law.

Do you need information regarding a specific appeal, hearing, project or case? Every attorney and law student should have this app, Law Stack, as it is a comprehensive library that offers almost every legal topic you can think of in the world.

Law in a Flash offers information on different topics according to your own interest such as torts, civil procedure, and criminal law. They are really kind of like flash cards that offer theory questions, definitions, and even hypothetical situations found in the legal field. You can even add your own notes to the flash cards.

It can be quite confusing when you look at that outdated paper date wheel, but with Court Days – Date Calculator for Lawyers it will be a snap. This app can really help legal secretaries, attorney’s, paralegals, and more to correctly calculate deadlines and court dates. The app will calculate the number of court days and more by choosing a jurisdiction from your database or allow you to create your own court holidays. You can even email your date calculations right from this app.

This tiny app, the I PunchClock, will help you keep track of court dates, any meetings, and all of your activities.

The more popular the iPhone becomes the more popular apps for different industries will be created. There may be a few more apps out there that will help attorneys or law students, but these were the most popular. Of course, you need information right at your fingertips so you do not miss a court date or a meeting with a client. Of course, these apps will certainly help law students as they will be able to set their appointments and use the dictionary all the time to aid with homework. Do not worry, there are more law apps in the works, just be sure to save room on your iPhone so you can get all the apps you desire. There are also law apps for tablets available for those that prefer to use their tablet instead of their iPhone.


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