Five Must-Have Gadgets for the Aspiring Entrepreneur.

Launching a business takes more than an idea, product, and getting it into the market. There are many everyday items that need to be in place for the business to operate – many of which you don’t normally consider until it comes down to needing them. When you put them off until the last minute you can disrupt the distribution and that’s always a big no-no in business.

Here are some of the must-have gadgets you’ll want in your new business so that it launches with full potential (and limited hurdles):

  1. VoIP Hardware

VoIP will greatly reduce the cost of conducting your business but it’s very worthwhile to make the appropriate investment into the actual hardware so that you are clear when talking with customers and other prospects.

A simple headset might have got you started but it’s time to step it up with higher fidelity in sound and comfort since you (or employees) will be using it frequently throughout the day.

Other gadgets that fit into the category may be systems for doing conference calls or managing those in the office to the warehouse. The connection is there – all that’s needed is the quality hardware to match.

  1. Label Printers

Let’s talk logistics.

High chances that when you’re getting a start – most of your shipping will be done through USPS so that naturally means you’ll need to go to the post office. Going to the post office takes time and once you begin to expand your shipping options you’ll want the flexibility of printing from your place of business.

An inkjet label printer is well worth the investment, not only to handle the shipping aspect of your business, but there are other benefits to consider, such as printing:

  • Instructions
  • Labels
  • Branding
  • Promotions

These printers help complete a ton of day-to-day necessities that can streamline business. The right ones will cut down on waste, prevent a need for regular maintenance, and balance out the costs, when comparing to printing in an office vs visiting a logistics provider.

  1. POS Systems

Systems offered by the major credit card companies and others to accept transactions are beginning to become archaic due to their limited abilities and design. Modern PoS (point-of-sale) systems offer a robust set of features at a greatly reduced cost compared to the previously established.

PoS systems are very easy to add to any physical business if you have the existing gadgets like a smartphone or tablet but many companies now offer full options to these items as part of signing up to their services.

Services like Square, PayPal, and ShopKeep are all great options. The bonus to all this is the added features like digital receipts, eCommerce integration, marketing/promotional services, and more. A business these days should look toward the modern PoS systems since it’ll cut costs, be easy to introduce, and provide the right features to fit the business.

  1. HD Webcams

This one may not come into play all too frequently during the start of the business but it’ll certainly be a major item to consider as time goes on since you’ll do more and more conference calls using online services like Skype.

Networking is key to growth and it’s far easier to do so when it feels personal. It’s a good investment to appear without choppiness to your prospects since you won’t always be able to meet them physically.

Brands that come to mind include:

  • Microsoft
  • Logitech
  • HP

You can expect to invest $40 – $100 for a great HD webcam which is well worth the investment considering that it could land you major deals for your business.

  1. Smartphone/Tablet

The versatility of the two make it a must-have for any business (that’s a given).

With a good connection and the right apps you’ll be able to conduct an array of business activities without the hang-ups that come with having to have the individual at your physical location or needing to call it in to front office:

  • Signing documents
  • Completing transactions
  • Sharing contact information

The list goes on and on…

A business professional without a smartphone or mobile-ready tablet is a dinosaur business these days.

But Don’t Go Overboard

Gadgets are tools and when you have too many you might become overwhelmed which is why you’ll want to keep it within limit. There are always new gizmos that are flashy and promise you the World but what works best for your business are the ones that get the job done.

The ones included in this list are ones that every new business can utilize for growth. Start from these and find what works for yours. Just don’t go overboard.


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