Five Ways to Enhance Your Business with Tech

Technology makes running any business easier and more efficient, but it is perhaps especially true in case of small businesses – in fact, many small businesses thriving today have only recently become possible because developments in tech made them viable. And there is no small business that cannot be improved with a little more tech – so let’s take a look at how it can be done.

1.   Cloud Technology

Recent developments in cloud tech and services have really opened up this opportunity for medium- and small-sized businesses. By moving to cloud everything that can be realistically moved there (such as accounting, project management, customer relations management and so on), not only can you optimize your existing processes without hiring new employees and increasing expenses, but also scale up later on if the need arises.

2.   Phone System

You may think that communication – especially carried out via phone – isn’t much of an issue for a company that doesn’t have thousands of employees scattered across the world. Nothing can be further from the truth – properly organized small business phone solutions can do wonders to increase overall efficiency of a firm, providing for stable communication and a host of additional options to make life a little bit more comfortable, like voice mail, conferencing, headsets, call recording, scalability and much more.

3.   Project Management Software

Small businesses employing a limited number of people are in special need for automation and elimination of unnecessary tasks. When every employee counts, even ten minutes of somebody’s time a day saved from being wasted on unneeded repetition can go a long way in improving overall efficiency of the organization. Project management software like BaseCamp shows excellent results in automating many tasks without costing an arm and a leg.

4.   Marketing Automation

Another way to take the load off your employees is to use specialized software to automate marketing. Infusionsoft is often mentioned as a very viable option for small business. It is relatively inexpensive and offers a host of options for following up with customers, converting leads to clients and, in general, getting things done without any unwanted fuss.

5.   Mobile Office

Mobile office is a step forward from good old telecommuting. Instead of allowing some or all employees to work from home, you can center your entire business organization on mobility and create a mobile office that would allow you to conduct work and control your business processes from anywhere, irrespectively of where you or your colleagues are. This can help drastically decrease expenses and considerably increase flexibility of your company – you may travel, meet your business partners, establish contacts and be in full control of all proceedings the entire time.

As you may see, there are dozens of ways any business can be improved by clever application of technology – and it is just the tip of an iceberg. Once you start optimizing your business seriously, you will inevitably stumble upon many other ways of making it better than it is now.


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