Four Non-Traditional Benefits to Offer Remote Employees

Remote employees are those who work away from the head office and away from any building that you own or rent. They often work from home, though you may find that some prefer working out of a local library or even a favorite restaurant. Working remotely allows those employees to log in to start their shifts and log out at the end of the day. In addition to paid time off and holiday leave, you can offer employees some nontraditional benefits to make them eager to work for your company.

Cell Phone Stipend

The number of people with land lines in their homes dropped in recent years as more and more people used their cell phones at home. Providers now operate so many towers and networks that it’s hard to find an area without cell phone coverage. Offering remote workers a cell phone stipend is a simple way to let them know that you want to help them do their jobs. Even if they only use their phones 10 to 50 percent of the time for work, you can still cover the total cost of their cell phone bills.


Devices like the Surface Pro and some tables from Samsung and Apple now make it easy to do work on the go and without sitting in an office. These tables come with a large screen that you can touch to open and load apps, and many come with a keyboard that you can plug in for sending emails and doing word processing. If you have remote workers who go into the field to meet with potential clients or chat with existing customers, you can treat them to tablets that let them get more work done in the field.

Work Computer

You cannot expect your employees to do the same work they would in the office without giving them access to the same computers that they would use in your office. A work computer should come with all the programs and software needed to do the job already installed on the hard drive. You can arrange for those computers to arrive in their homes before asking workers to sign in for their first shifts. Renting a computer is even smarter than buying one. With computer rentals, you can see how well those workers perform before buying computers for them and hire temporary workers during the busy season.

Paid Vacations

Many companies do corporate retreats that gather all workers together in one location for a day or more. They do team building and other activities that help them become better leaders at work and activities that show them how to work together. You can arrange for remote workers to travel to those same retreats and pay for their airfare or travel expenses. If you do not hold retreats, you can reward employees with paid vacations and cover the cost of their hotel rooms and flights. This gives them the chance to get away from it all and relax before getting back to work with a refreshed mind.

Hiring remote workers gives you the chance to hire employees on a temporary basis to see how well they perform before offering them full-time jobs. You can offer those workers some great benefits like devices they can use for fun and work.