Gadgets To Incentivize and Empower Your Sales Team

Lack of motivation is one of the primary reasons that a salesperson might be ineffective. Adding incentives beyond commission can be an effective way to increase sales and keep your sales team motivated. Here are some gadgets that will incentivize and empower your sales team to improve team results:

A Backup Drive

It’s no secret that, eventually, all hard drives will fail. A backup drive can provide you with a piece of mind that your photos, videos and files are safe.

Streaming Sticks

Streaming sticks allow users to stream directly from different video streaming apps. In addition to video content, many streaming sticks also allow you to stream audio and play games on your television. They also allow users to mirror their mobile device onto their television, so users can scroll through Facebook or browse an online dating site on a larger screen.

Speakers from Ultimate Ears

All work and no play can harm employee satisfaction. Adding music to the work day increase productivity and improve the mood around the office. Bluetooth speakers from Ultimate Ears are super-portable, which means you can easily move the party from cubicle to cubicle without the mess of cords. Ultimate Ears portable wireless speakers offer amazing sound quality with a powerful base, perfect for any office party. If you’re planning to use them as an incentive, go for a waterproof model, which is perfect for listening to music by the pool after work.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Enjoy some peace and quiet with the aid of noise-cancelling headphones, which slip onto your ears just as easily as a regular pair of headphones would. Everyone can use a pair, whether they are headed to the airport or just looking to block out distractions at work.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has become incredibly popular and for good reason — they allow you to make calls, send text messages and enjoy your favorite apps without your smartphone. Wearable technology can be a great sales incentive because they’re on many people’s wishlist.

Many watches can also be used as a fitness tracker, which can be beneficial for any salesperson looking to monitor their health and exercise.

Mobile Meditation Devices

Working in sales can be stressful. Consider offering your sales team mobile meditation devices as an incentive for high performance. Meditation can boost your mood and focus and lower blood pressure. For just a few minutes each day, they can also help to improve health increase performance.

Portable Battery Extenders

Phones and tablets don’t last forever, but portable battery extenders can alleviate the stress of having a phone with no battery. Consider splurging for a solar-powered battery extender, which can recharge your battery with just a few hours in the sun or by being plugged into a normal micro-USB port.

A Smart Home System

Smart home systems have become household staples over the past year. They can answer basic questions, tell you the weather forecast and play music for you. You can also use them to add things to your shopping list or request a rideshare.

An e-Reader

E-readers can hold hundreds of books without weighing your bag down. Many e-readers also come with an e-ink display, which can be easier on the eyes than a tablet screen.

A Camera

Smartphone cameras can produce quality photos, but that doesn’t mean standalone cameras are obsolete. For the salesperson with an active Instagram account, owning a quality camera might be the push they need to get a few more sales.


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