Go for the best On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Apps for your car

Go for the best On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Apps for your car

In modern times, our concept of cars has changed, and there are lots of innovative technologies used to make the car as good as a computer. Cars have software and certain tools that help in smooth and safe functioning. The modern cars also have a feature to optimize overall performance and reduce fuel consumption. It also helps to help drivers get a clear idea about weather conditions and traffic prevailing on a certain route. There is also a feature to collect errors in engine and reflect these on the dashboard screen. What helps to identify all these problems and contributes to smooth functioning of the car? Well, it is on-board diagnostics or OBD port that provides the driver with an access to the engine control unit after plugging in an external device.

Some of the top on-board diagnostics apps to choose from

If you want to get the entire diagnostics feature in your car and experience smooth driving, you need to have this app installed in your car. In this system, you will be provided with a standard hardware interface, and an external device to read the errors. There are many of these apps available out there in the market and so you need to find out the one that is best suited for you. Here is a list of the top OBD apps that you can go for:

  • HobDrive

This is one of the most undervalued OBD apps in the play store but there are lots of good features that you can benefit out of this one. This will work out to be perfect especially if you are an owner of a hybrid car. In order to measure the information, HobDrive uses adaptors and gps sensors to provide information. Some of the loved features are graphical measures, continuous errors tracking, fuelling and service records, engine diagnostics, route planning, calculating mpg, vehicle sensor indexes, and so on. Some of the complaints from existing customers are problems with Bluetooth, unstable work, and so on.

  • Go pro with the Torque Pro

Torque pro is one of the most popular apps in the play store. There are broad list of features that you could benefit such as plug-ins, widgets, detectors, and other such additions that result in increased functionality. This helps you see the activity of your car in real time.

You can also see the vehicle productivity, code faults, sensor information, and so on. Torque is efficient when it comes to reducing repair costs and fixing the car. Some of the loved features of Torque pro are:

  • Custom dashboard
  • Ability to read transmission temperature
  • User profiles
  • Horsepower and dynamometer
  • Voice alarms
  • GPS tagged tweets that are automatic, and so on

One of the most common problems faced by users is the battery consumption. This could be the great obstacle when it comes to using this software. Another problem faced by some is incompatibility with some cars, and so the users need to first carefully analyze whether the app is compatible with their car models or not.

  • Personalize with Carista

By improving the electronic features, Carista helps you personify your car. It helps you test the vehicles for errors and delete any existing faults, and so on. One of the first things to do is to use this app and let it gather information from your car. You will need an external device for this app to do this and read the errors of course. You need an OBD adapter to do this for you, and if you don’t have it, you can enter the data manually by yourself as well. Compared to the other diagnostic apps, Carista helps you get access to advanced manufacturers specific diagnostics. Some of the advanced diagnostics that it lets you access are airbags, ABS, Navigation, and so on. The app also provides you the feature to change the way in which your car behaves. However, there are also some things that may be upsetting the users such as the connection problems with some adapters and also errors while saving settings.

  • OBD Auto Doctor

This is one of the leading car diagnostic instruments which are considered to be the best on IOS platform. The app shows the sick codes allows the possibility to reset it. This OBD app helps you to easily interact with your vehicles system. In turn, your IOS based mobile becomes an intelligent scanner to identify and rectify problems in your car. If you are someone who is interested in knowing what is in your car then this is one of the apps that are perfect for you. You can easily turn of check engine indicator and control the data of your car in real time.

There are these and many other on-board diagnostics apps available out there in the market. So make sure that you choose according to what is perfect for your car and your mobile platform as well. A little research in this regard will be helpful. Try to find out how others are using and benefiting these apps in a similar situation as you. If you are looking for used cars in mumbai to buy visit TrueBil.com. The research and comparison will help you find a car that is suitable for your specific needs.


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