Health And Fitness Tips Apps For Mac OS.

In this busy life people skip one important factor and that is health and fitness. Today people don’t have time for their health according to several reports. In this gadget dominating world and with advanced technology it is quite easy to get tips on health and fitness. Here are a few apps that you can download to your phone and stay happy and healthy.

Pranayama free

This app provides tips on pranayama to get rid of the stress and tension of all day. In Sanskrit Prana refers to as breath and ayama means restrain. Through exercise and techniques it helps in regulating the breath. Use this app every day for a few minutes and this will relieve you from tension and stress issues. This app is very beneficial for those suffering from migraine, asthma and depression.

Relax Now

This app is a hypnotherapy application that offers peace to your mind. This app has been created by a hypnotherapy expert who is qualified clinically. This app offers background music and speeches by hypnotherapist for you to relax and music provides a soothing feeling for your mind.

Personal workout

This app is unique and you can tone your muscles, stay fit and lose weight by following this app. This app has several embedded video where instructions are provided by a professional trainer step by step for each exercise. Instructions help out in real time exercise.

Calories 2

This app is your personal health trainer for calculating calories and control for calorie. It will take up all input data like your weight of the body, eating habits and consumption of calorie and does the calculation accordingly.


This app offers more than 250 poses of yoga with detailed instructions and images. It allows you to edit or create your own routine programs and follow them according to your desire. The app has a timer to alert alarm which will inform you according to duration of time to change poses.

Relax melodies

This app has beautiful soothing tracks that are more than 50.It also offers sleeping assistance to have a sound and relaxing sleep. This app is also one of the popular apps for fitness and health in Mac stores. Each track includes 2 frequencies that are binaural for entertaining brain. You can also set these tracks as your alert tones or alarms.


This app is a mood chart app which you can plan as a strategy to depression and mental related issues and maintains health with the app assistance. It has software for small size but offers great functions and well organized for your health. It also offers exporting CSV formats for reports.


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