How to Be a Gadget Junkie on a Tight Budget.

We live in an era that feels like heaven for any gadget junkie, myself included. The rapid development of technology brings so many new gadgets to the market every day, and the only downside of being a gadget junkie is that this is one very expensive hobby. With so many fun technologies that are practically asking to be tested and then cast aside in just a couple of days, it is very hard to restrain the inner gadget junkie and compulsively buy everything just for the fun of it.

If you are like me and you don’t have the extra cash, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up on your passion. It would be nice to start adopting some money-saving habits that could result in you being able to make ends meet and still have enough to indulge in some impulsive purchases. There are also some handy tips that I have compiled just for you.


Forget About Early Adoption

This part is pretty obvious, as devices tend to be the most expensive at their launch. I understand that the temptation is strong, but getting your new favorite toy the moment it is released is a strategy that will quickly empty your pockets. An early adopter always pays the maximum price.


Every launch produces a huge hype with all gadget junkies and these are the moments in which you should remember the downsides of early adoption. All I’m saying is that there is a chance that there will be some negative consequences in the long run. Remember Samsung Note 7?

You should also keep in mind that electronic devices depreciate really fast. When a newer version comes out, the older ones are sold for considerably lower prices. It might be helpful if you start thinking of early adopters as beta testers. Don’t put yourself in a risky situation with a product that is released early. Keep it cool for few months and wait for reviews to discover any possible device issues.

Be on the Lookout for Special Deals and Sales

If you are not active on forums and you’re actively searching the internet for special deals and offers, you should start doing so. Why? Because you will be surprised to see what you can find on the web. Yes, it requires time, energy and patience, but in the end, you may end up getting a device you longed for at a rather reasonable price.

Another great way of saving money is to look for coupons. The internet is flooded with sites that offer coupons for purchasing many useful items. If there are currently no coupons for the gadget you want, look up other items and necessities. This way, you can save some extra cash and put it in your gadget junkie budget. Look for automatic coupon finders; these tools are a great way to automate the whole process and they’ll save you both time and money.

Before making the final decision, always make sure to visit one of the many price comparison websites. This way, you will know if you are getting the device you wanted for the best possible price.

Learn to Save Money

Many people ran away from personal finance, thinking of it as something very complicated. Let me assure you that there are amazing resources to be found online that have the potential of making money management very easy.


For instance, you can look for valuable advice on Get Rich Slowly and use them to excel in personal finances. This site has a big and stable community. You will be able to browse through an archive that is 10 years old. Posts are divided into categories such as mortgages, insurance, savings, etc.

Usually, there are always new smartphones attached to special deals offered by cell phone carriers. In the long run, you will be paying much more for the desired device, and those are usually acquirable by signing contracts that require you to pay ridiculous monthly fees. Instead, look for SIM only deals. These come at very cheap prices and you get to choose where and when you want to buy your new smartphone.

Learn to Fix Stuff Yourself

Do it yourself has become a huge thing in the last few years. If you can get your hands on some really cheap device that is not working properly, go for it. Sometimes, you can end up with a very cool gadget for only a few bucks.


There are great DIY guides on websites that specialize in this field. Also, make sure to search YouTube since people also upload DIY videos showing in-depth guides on how to fix all sorts of devices.

Aim for Used and Refurbished Stuff

Buying used items instead of new ones is a great way to save money and still get the gadget that you like. This goes especially for electronics equipment that lasts for longer periods of time. Look for deals that will allow you to inspect the device beforehand. Getting a good return policy on top of that is a bonus you should definitely not miss out on.

Refurbished staff is as good as new and it comes with a price discount. Those devices were tested before they were put on sale again. Refurbished items are pricier than used items, so make sure to do extensive research before you make the purchase.

As you can see, staying frugal doesn’t mean that you have to give up cool techy stuff. There are unlimited ways of getting cool gadgets for reasonable prices; you just have to stay patient and keep yourself informed. Keep tabs on forums where frugal gadget junkies share their experiences and provide the community with valuable tips. In case this topic has intrigued you, feel free to go online and expand your frugal mind by reading more articles that cover this, as well as many other similar topics.


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